Lesser Known UFO Incidents That Are Really Significant

It’s a regular fact that if you write books, you’ll get feedback. And, sometimes, a lot of it. With that said, I thought I would share with you some fascinating UFO cses that you may not have heard of, but which came my way. Operation Bulldog – held in September 1949, and overseen by the UK’s Fighter Command and Bomber Command – was a show of strength to the Soviets. It demonstrated that the West could take swift and decisive action in the event the Russians flexed their muscles a bit too much. And, for good measure, the operation also involved the air-forces of the United States, Belgium, France, and Holland. The Soviets took careful and concerned notice, which was the whole point. It appears it was not just the Russians that kept a beady eye on the military maneuvers. Just possibly, entities from another world did likewise. At the time Bulldog was held, the late J.R. Oliver was a radar-operator at a British Royal Air Force base called Sandwich, which was situated in the English county of Kent. Oliver said: “Even so long ago, it was almost impossible to fly a glider across the [English] Channel without it being plotted. The exercise was structured in such a way that the technical resources and personnel of the defensive screen were stretched to the limit.”

Oliver added that the staff of RAF Sandwich “were fully skilled and right on top of their job. Two watches were kept, A and B, on alternate twelve-hour shifts for the duration of Bulldog.” According to Oliver on one particular night, around midnight, “things had gone slack,” and his group was told it could “take a break.” It was a break that didn’t last for long, as Oliver noted: “Within about fifteen minutes the PBX operator came in, approached the Duty Controller and advised him that Beachy Head radar was passing a plot to us on a large flying object and would we track it?” They did exactly that. It became very clear, and very quickly, that this was no ordinary aircraft. Oliver recalled: “Reaching a position out to sea off the ‘heel’ of Kent, it abruptly turned north and as it approached the Thames estuary we passed it on to Martlesham radar, with whom we had been in contact.”

Oliver offered something remarkable: “Flying at close to 50,000 feet, the air speed of the object we had observed and plotted in accordance with RAF standard procedures was assessed at very nearly 3,000 miles per hour. The general consensus regarding its size, among the very best experienced radar personnel engaged in the operations, was that the object offered an echo similar to that of a large passenger or freight surface vessel, something in the region of 15,000 or 20,000 tons.” In typical British understatement, Oliver said there was “quite a bit of buzz about this.”

Now, let’s jump to Puerto Rico and January 19, 1999. On my first visit to Puerto Rico – in the summer of 2004 and with a crew from the SyFy Channel – I had the opportunity to speak with a woman who had a hair-raising encounter in the island’s El Yunque rainforest on one particular, Saturday morning. As the woman picked plantains, she was amazed to see a definitive flying saucer – silver in color and about the size of a large car – silently descend in a nearby clearing. That amazement became trepidation, when a sliding-door on the outside of the craft opened. Trepidation was immediately replaced by sheer terror when, out of the surrounding trees, a fast-running, spiky-headed Chupacabra raced towards the unearthly craft, and jumped inside it! In seconds, the object took to the skies and was lost from view. Despite the outlandish nature of the story, the woman stood by it, even sharing the facts for the Sy-Fy Channel’s film-crew. A brief story, but an amazing one.

On January 25, 1968, secret was revealed. On this specific day, Suzanne Clarke, then of Gallipolis, Ohio was told an amazing story by her father. According to the tale, Clarke’s father decided to come clean on something that he knew of the UFO phenomenon; something amazing and, if true, having a bearing on national security – a major bearing, in fact. Clarke’s father maintained that in 1965, three years earlier, and while employed at NORAD – the North American Air Defense Command at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado – he saw, under circumstances that he declined to explain, a series of black-and-white, aerial photographs of three small, large-headed bodies strewn around a desert floor, and which also showed a large amount of silvery, bright debris. The location, Clarke’s father said, was New Mexico, and the photos were taken in 1947. Of course, this strongly suggests the now-famous Roswell affair of 1947 – although, admittedly, Clarke’s father made no reference to Roswell. Clarke was warned by her father not to reveal what he had told her until after his death – which occurred in 1981. Such was the concern, and even fear, in his voice, however, Clarke chose to remain silent until the late-1990s. So far, there has been no knock on the door from the Men in Black.

(Nick Redfern) Dead aliens at NORAD?

May 19, 1986, UFOs invade Brazilian airspace: one of the most notable encounters with not just one UFO, but a squadron of them, took place in the skies of Brazil on May 19, 1986. A U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency report describes the facts: “According to sources, at least 20 unidentified objects were observed by several aircrews and on radar the night of 19 May 86. The objects were first seen by the pilot of a Xingu aircraft, transporting Ozires Silva, former President of Embraer, between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Fighters were launched from Santa Cruz AFB at approximately 2100 hours. Although all three made radar contact, only one of the three pilots managed to see what he described as red, white and green lights. Shortly afterward, radar contact was made with similar objects near Brasilia and three Mirages were launched from Anapolis AB. All made radar and visual contact at 20,000 feet. They reported that they were escorted by thirteen of these discs with red, green and white lights at a distance of one to three miles.” The report comes to an end in a decidedly intriguing fashion: “…there is too much here to be ignored. Three visual sightings and positive radar contact from three different types of radar systems, leads one to believe that something weird arrived over Brazil on the night of 19 May.”

June 14, 2005: Located in the Piney Woods area of East Texas, the Big Thicket has a most apt moniker: it is a huge, 83,000-acre area of woodland. “Dense” barely begins to describe the massive, forested environment, which is home to numerous wild animals, including alligators and wildcats. Running through the heart of the Big Thicket is a long, thin, and incredibly sandy old road called Bragg Road. That’s not what the locals call it, though. To them, it is known as Ghost Light Road. There is a very good reason for this: for at least three centuries, people have reported seeing weird, small balls of light flitting through the trees late at night. But, we’re not talking about anything quite as down to earth as fireflies. These particular lights vary in size from – approximately – a tennis ball to a beach ball. They also exhibit evidence of intelligence: witnesses describe the lights approaching them, even circling them, in what is occasionally perceived as a playful fashion. Such is the interest that the lights provoke in the people that live there, and in visitors too, a historical marker has been erected at the start of Bragg Road and which details the strange story of the lights. I know all this, as I have seen one of the mysterious ghost lights myself, late on the night of June 12, 2005. I was standing on Bragg Road when the approximately basketball-sized light appeared – very briefly. What it was, I have no idea. But, it was there all the same. Now, onto another fascinating case.

(Nick Redfern) Where I saw a mysterious “ghost light”

Declassified US Government files reveal that on a particular occasion in July 1952 – the very month that Washington, D.C. was hit by a veritable tsunami of UFO encounters – a man named Karl Hunrath complained to his local police department about something very weird indeed. Who knows what the cops thought of it all, but it basically went like this: in the early hours of a Sunday morning in July, someone broke into Hunrath’s home, injected his arm full of chemicals – which rendered him into a distinctly altered state of mind – and proceeded to tell him that he had been chosen to play a significant role in the alien mission on Earth. A very groggy Hunrath could only look on amazed from his bed as the somewhat foreign-sounding – put perfectly human-appearing – alien told him: “I am Bosco. You have been chosen to enter our brotherhood of galaxies.” Typical Space-Brother spiel, in other words.

The files continue that the suit-and-tie-wearing Bosco advised Hunrath the brothers from beyond were deeply worried by our warlike ways, and so action had to be taken against those dastardly elements of the human race that wanted to spoil everyone else’s fun. There was not to be any The Day the Earth Stood Still-style ultimatum for one and all, however. Nope. The aliens wished to recruit sympathetic humans to aid their righteous cause. Or, more correctly, get someone else to do all their dirty work while they lurked safely in the shadows. And as Hunrath came to quickly realize, he was now one of the chosen few. But there was more. Bosco, via – according to the FBI – “occult techniques,” downloaded into Hunrath’s mind countless megabytes of data on how to build a terrible weapon that had the ability to destroy aircraft; specifically, the aircraft of the US military, who the Space-Brothers viewed as being just about as dangerous to world peace as the dastardly commies.

“I am Bosco and that will be its name, too,” boomed the alleged alien, in reference to the device that he wanted Hunrath to not just build, but also deploy. Far too stunned and drugged to move, Hunrath could only watch in a mixture of befuddlement and shock as Bosco then turned on his heels and left for his – one might be inclined to assume after an experience like that – flying saucer. There was no amazing “Beam me up, Scotty”-type exit for Bosco, however. For an alien, Bosco had a very down to earth means of making good his departure: he pulled back the curtains of Hunrath’s bedroom-window, clambered out, and vanished into the depths of the early morning blackness of Hunrath’s front-yard! The curious encounter ended as weirdly as it had begun. There’s no doubt it was a classic “Contactee” case.

A classic case of “Contactees” and “Space Brothers”

One particularly fascinating scenario for the sudden appearance of UFOs in the Earth’s skies was brought to the attention of officialdom by a little-known, but well-respected, source. His name was Edwin M. Bailey. In the summer of 1947, Bailey was living in Stamford, Connecticut. At the time, he was working in the Physics Division of the American Cyanamid Research Laboratories on West Main Street. In the 1970s, the American Cyanamid Company was one of the United States’ top 100 manufacturing companies. Its output included antibiotics, vaccines, industrial chemicals, pesticides, and acrylic plastics. Far more notable is the fact that at the height of the Second World War, Bailey worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Not only that, the specific branch of MIT to which Bailey was assigned was the Radiation Laboratory. It was a body that played an important role in the development of the atomic bomb, under the overall control of the Manhattan Project. On top of that, Bailey had graduated at the University of Arizona.

The FBI recorded in its files the following: “Bailey stated that the topic of ‘flying saucers’ had caused considerable comment and concern to the present day scientists and indicated that he himself had a personal theory concerning the ‘flying saucers.’” As to the specific nature of that theory, it was, to say the least, grim. The FBI noted: “Bailey stated that it is quite possible that actually the ‘flying saucers’ could be radio controlled germ bombs or atom bombs which are circling the orbit of the earth and which could be controlled by radio and directed to land on any designated target at the specific desire of the agency or country operating the bombs.” Disturbing, to say the least.” Indeed!

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