In a roll of quarters, a man finds a strange alien coin.

A person who likes coins shared online a coin with the face of an alien.

He told Newsweek, “I was going through a big bag of quarter rolls, opening each one one at a time, looking for older coins with a lot of silver.

“I was shocked when I saw a strange coin with an alien’s head on it in one of the rolls. It stood out because it was so different from the bust of Washington on the other coins.

The alien’s face had the word “Liberty” and the year 1937 written on it.

But this coin is thought to be a “hobo coin,” not money from another planet.

It is thought that between 1913 and 1980, about 200,000 classic hobo coins were made, each with a piece of art made by a homeless person.

Often, they were made by changing existing coins with knives or other tools.

But the person who made this particular example is still unknown.

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