Camila Cabello Shows Her Encounter With ‘UFO’ On ‘Tonight Show’ And We’re Shaken

The “The Voice” trainer shared a clip she shot of her parents in a mountainous area of South America while she was on tour there.

Something passed in the sky that “doesn’t look like a bird,” she said. The object is most visible in slow motion. She then showed a screenshot with two objects.

Cabello is normally skeptical although she has said that her parents Alejandro and Sinuhe enjoy watching UFO documentaries. It was her father who noticed the flying objects in a replay she told host Jimmy Fallon.

She made light of the possible discovery. “If the aliens trusted me to be there at that moment, I don’t want them to think I’m exploiting them right now,” Cabello said.

Fallon joined her in telling potential extraterrestrial viewers that “The Tonight Show” loves “aliens from other planets.”

“We welcome everyone, everything,” joked Cabello.

Fallon later assured him that the aliens would not be watching the show.

Still, Cabello looked serious about the possible sighting.

And others agree that unidentified objects should be taken more seriously. Congress held its first public hearing on UFOs in 50 years in May with experts agreeing that we need to do a better job of tracking “unidentified aerial phenomena.”

“For a long time, the stigma associated with UAPs got in the way of good intelligence analysis,” said Rep. André Carson (D-Ind.).

“Pilots avoided reporting or were ridiculed when they did.”

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