Massive incident with a TR-3B inside Area 51

Once again, the mysterious TR-3B is at the forefront of the news and, with the increase in people who claim to have seen these aircraft in the skies every day, it was to be expected that there would be another sighting.

So you know how this mysterious ship circled area 51 and exploded.

In the sites specialized in these subjects in the network, the alarm has increased, before the appearance of these mysterious events.

And it is that, experts presume that something strange may be happening, with great concern about some ultra-secret military experiments by the United States or worse still, about the possible participation of extraterrestrial beings.

They locate the base of these operations in the Nevada desert and it is presumed that they could be making use of extraterrestrial technology or even harbor some forms of life from other planets.

The greatest evidence presented points to a video, which has gone viral, as proof of the maneuvers carried out to test a state-of-the-art technology, with a possible extraterrestrial origin.

The most common sighting is the TR-3B, a triangular, black and silent aircraft that many people claim to have seen around the world, although more frequently in the US, specifically flying over Area 51.

Really exist?
The video that is exposed as the greatest evidence, dates from 2016, the date it was published on YouTube.

Although it is several years old, it is still valid. It shows a strange triangular craft moving through the American skies, and at one point it seemed to emit flames, leading to speculation that it had exploded in mid-air.

Immediately, these images were associated with the mythical TR-3B, an aircraft that has often been speculated that it can perform some maneuvers that no other known aircraft can do.

Followers of these theories suggested that Area 51 was the ideal setting to test the TR-3B and that the explosion shows that the extraterrestrial technology used in the experiment could have had a flaw.

This claim is based on some evidence from failed secret experiments presumed to be based on non-terrestrial technology.

The Navy Patent
The most real evidence of the existence of this mysterious aircraft is in the patent filed by the Navy of the United States of America for an aircraft with characteristics very similar to the possible TR-3B.

It is a prototype with the latest technology and has the ability to perform maneuvers impossible for another aircraft. Isn’t this the special and distinctive feature of the TR-3B?

In conclusion, with so much evidence, it cannot be denied that the mysterious TR-3B, a prototype with state-of-the-art technology, exists. What we cannot say categorically is that extraterrestrial technology is used at the moment! don’t you think?


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