Is there something else we just don’t understand about UFOs?

The article is based on a report published in June in which some analysts obtained the nature of more than a hundred unidentified aircraft.
Avril Haines again referred to a report released by her office in June in which examiners neglected to decide the idea of ​​more than 100 unidentified aerial peculiarities.

US National Intelligence Chief Avril Haines commented on the issue of unidentified flying object sightings on Wednesday, admitting that office examiners under her command neglect to fully understand the idea of ​​a significant number of these peculiarities seen by the military of the country.

“There’s always the issue of whether there is something different that we just don’t understand, that could be coming from extraterrestrials,” the high authority said during the “Our Future in Space” occasion held at the Washington National Cathedral.

Haines received information about possible indications of extraterrestrial life in connection with the report on UFO sightings or unidentified elevated peculiarities (UAP) distributed by her office in June.

In that file, the specialists investigated 144 unexplained episodes seen by the United States military workforce somewhere in the range of 2004 and 2021 and the main thing they were able to conclude is that they were generally “real articles” since they were recorded. by infrared and electro-optical sensors and radars, as well as by visual perception. In any case, they couldn’t decide on the idea of ​​quirks.

The head of knowledge continued with this line during her speech. “We were pretty sure we weren’t going to get to portray every single one of these [UAP reports] in the different classes that we distinguished, because we honestly couldn’t get it all,” she said.

Haines further lamented the absence of “a predictable method of imparting” data on these sightings and highlighted the need to work on the assortment of sensor information accessible to knowledge and to further dissect the collected material.

On the other hand, the authority focused on the fact that, as in the case of the PAU, “the main data that has concerned Congress and others are those related to flight security and counterintelligence.”

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