Jaime Maussan Assures ALIENS “Are Approaching”

Through his official Twitter account, Jaime Maussan assured that the aliens are “increasingly closer” to planet Earth.

And is that he pointed out that in Chapada dos Veadeiros in Brazil a significant number of people witnessed the presence of aliens.

The facts according to the publication of the 69-year-old Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan took place on October 9, 2022.

Jaime Maussan revealed unidentified object in Brazil
On his official Twitter account Jaime Maussan shared the video of a sighting of what is considered an object of non-human origin.

This video that Jaime Maussan pointed out in his post would be proof that aliens “are getting closer”.

And is that in addition to staying for several minutes in one place, the object that appears to be a disk with three lights was seen by several witnesses of whom he shared several videos.

This “extraordinary meeting” took place on the night of Sunday, October 9, 2022, in Chapada dos Veadeiros, Brazil.

On social networks, the journalist’s publication reached almost 2 thousand reproductions and several likes from his followers who indicated that he was waiting for the arrival of the aliens.

In addition to sharing the video that was recorded by J. Matheu, Jaime Maussan did not give more details about what happened next or what time the event ended.

However, he shared several other videos of this same sighting in which the lights are seen moving together and apart as witnesses wonder what is going on.

Both videos last less than three minutes, but these, Jaime Maussan assured, would be convincing evidence of recent close encounters with intelligent life beyond planet Earth.

In Another Twitter Jaime Maussan reports about the sighting of a UFO in front of the Moon.

“Extraordinary evidence captured in China with a professional long-range camera, on which the passage of a spacecraft in front of the Moon can be observed, this happened on September 29, 2022”

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