Meteorite or spaceship? A theory proposed by a scientist

A Harvard scientist commented that a space object would have the characteristics of a ship and would not belong to the Solar System.
For hundreds of years, scientists and curious minds have looked to the sky, trying to find an answer to whether life really exists beyond Earth, because for many, it is most likely that there are a̳l̳i̳e̳n̳s. Likewise, NASA and other organizations they have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to travel to other planets, or have a way to approach them. However, the research is not enough to draw conclusions.

After the US government announced a clarification on the origins of U̳F̳O̳s, many believed that there was a growing possibility of approaching creatures from other planets. This is because the United States has confirmed that the lights and U̳F̳O̳s that have approached Earth were made with space technology, that is, they were made outside our planet. Despite this, there are still many people who believe that life cannot exist on other celestial bodies.

Now, a fact that has undoubtedly led scientists and experts to investigate is related to “meteorites”. Although many celestial bodies have come close to Earth, there is evidence that this has raised many questions about their origin and what is known about space. This is known as the Oumuamua asteroid, which means “the first messenger from afar.”

On the other hand, what experts agree on about this celestial object is that it came from outside the solar system, and it is said that it has traveled through space for hundreds or even thousands of years. Some scientists have pointed out after the study that the object close to our universe is a meteorite because it is clearly composed of rocks and possibly metals.

Also, no water or ice was found on the surface of this object, and the reason it is thought to be red has to do with its possible exposure to cosmic rays. Scientists agree that the argument that the object came from outside the solar system has to do with the physical input parameters, its speed and its angle of orientation relative to the plane in which the planets of the solar system orbit. .

However, Harvard scientist Avi Loeb decided against it, noting that while the object may come from outside the solar system, it has the properties of a spaceship. Following his statement, several researchers criticized him for finding in his studies that the space object was not transmitting any signal or radio wave. In this way, they categorically rejected the scientist\’s theory.

After this, the researcher commented that not necessarily the transmission of a wave can indicate if an object is a spacecraft. He also commented that this may be a part of a spacecraft, that is, space debris. This theory was published in a scientific article.

In this way, for many who believe in this theory, the space object would be proof that there really is life outside of Earth.

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