Former US Navy Lieutenant Strong Evidence of ‘ALIEN’ Presence on Earth

There was a time when talking about UFOs was considered taboo in government and science. However, the seriousness of understanding the “UAP Phenomena” has always been on the government defense department’s list. The Pentagon knows that UFO technology is inexplicable, which has turned out to be a national security issue.

There is always a pattern to predicting future disasters and some people have the ability to predict them. Former State and Defense Department analyst Marik von Rennenkampff explains the need for “Cassandra” on the UFO subject, and ignoring him can bring a curse. He suggests to overcome the future consequences of the phenomenon, the government should start listening to people who have analyzed and experienced UFO encounters in the vicinity.

The testimony given by former US Navy Lieutenant Ryan Graves corroborates the well-documented UFO encounter in 2015. His allegations would significantly change Congress’ view of UFOs if included in future UFO hearings that are speculated to take place by the end. of 2022.

Ryan Graves is a US Navy lieutenant and F/A-18F pilot who was the first active-duty pilot to come forward publicly about regular sightings of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP). He currently serves as the first president of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena Community of Interest, representing more than 30,000 members of the aerospace industry concerned with improving aviation safety.

Retired US Navy F/A-18 pilot Ryan Graves. Source: 60 minutes

While speaking about his UFO experience, Lieutenant Graves told 60 Minutes that he frequently detects UFOs in the instruments of his F-18 and pilots see them every day on the Atlantic coast. He said that UFOs should not be dismissed as a ridiculous conspiracy theory, but rather as a very genuine threat to national security. He first saw a UFO in restricted airspace near Virginia Beach in 2014 and the object showed up on his radar and infrared cameras. In addition he said that UAPs sometimes fly between aircraft flying in formation.

He said the sightings happened “every day for at least a few years” and has three explanations: top-secret US technology, foreign spy devices, or something not from this planet. “Most likely it is a threat observation program,” the pilot said, adding:

“If they were tactical jets from another country that were up there, it would be a huge problem. But because it looks a little different, we’re not willing to look the problem in the face. We’re happy to just ignore the fact that they’re out there, watching us every day.”

Lieutenant Ryan Graves discussed with podcast host and researcher Lex Fridman his UFO encounter and many other interesting topics about autonomous weapons systems, AI and more. (See Video Below)

The former Navy fighter pilot was asked for his perspective on the famous 2015 “Gimbal” UFO footage that was recorded by US fighter pilots while on the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt when an item appeared on his radar. . As the pilots can be heard saying, “there’s a whole fleet of them, look at the SA”, the tape only shows an enigmatic object in the center of the image. Graves, who was on a flight during the Gimbal encounter, supported this claim.

According to Graves, his squadron of pilots and other squadrons of pilots saw a variety of objects, not just a UFO. The SA, or Situational Awareness, page gives pilots what Graves describes as a “God’s eye” or “top down” of all contacts on the radar. “What they essentially saw was that if we consider that we are above the object moving to the north of the object there was a formation of about four to six of them in a coarse wedge formation.”

The former Navy pilot notes that the wedge formation the fighter pilots witnessed was not moving in an “autopilot-type” way, describing its movement as “kind of everywhere.” The Gimbal object according to Graves, followed the remaining fleet after most of them turned abruptly and headed in the opposite direction.

Graves adds that while the “Gimbal” appears to be rotating slightly in the video (as shown above), a study of the film revealed that it was actually rotating vertically and rising in altitude. This maneuver, according to Graves, is not typical of a fighter pilot and would not be performed if it were possible because it would “kill the fuel”, which would damage the durability of a surveillance mission if it were transported.

When asked why the Department of Defense (DOD) released the Gimbal film and acknowledged its existence, Graves replied that in his opinion the DOD had little choice because the video had already been leaked internally. He continued that the DOD could have lied and called the film a hoax, but “our culture now is too open and information moves too freely to do things like that and it got them in trouble they had to respond to.”

Following the House Intelligence subcommittee’s recent hearing on the UAP, Graves detailed the form of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) seen by his squadron members and stated that the mysterious objects should be treated “like a foreign adversary.” He also warned that frequent UFO sightings are putting the lives of military aviators at risk.

Like Ryan Graves there are other pilots who have witnessed a similar incident, but not everyone gets the chance to share their story. Former Defense Analyst Rennenkampff asserts that at this point any self-respecting intelligence analyst should raise the alarm about the UFO phenomenon. And if policymakers are indeed receiving such warnings, Cassandra’s curse appears to be alive and well.

Rennenkampff advised the Senate committee not to miss the chance to detect the modern Cassandra that could protect future disasters that could be caused by UAPs. He writes, “Taking with data should transform any objective analyst – private citizen and government official into a modern Cassandra.”

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