Discover The Secret of the Car of the Gods (UFOs)

UFOs, Fifth Element and the Gods

When Christ was crucified, under the acrostic INRI , key of ancient alchemy to designate the cross of the four elements renewing all things, it was not just a mystical representation of the sacrifice of the Lamb sent to the world for the remission of the sins of humanity… it was a password to demonstrate that the VERB (which Christ represents) is the greatest power of Creation, operating in the four elements and four worlds of Kabbalah.

21INRI is the acronym of the Latin phrase: Iēsus Nazarēnus, Rēx Iūdaeōrum which translates as «Jesus of Nazareth (or, of Nazareth), King of the Jews».

But the symbol of the cross is much older than Jesus Christ. In fact, it already existed throughout pre-Columbian America, as well as in all other ancient cultures of the Old World, in various forms.

Various models of pre-Columbian crosses from indigenous America, long before Christ.

The Cross and the symbol of the planet Venus are similar.

In fact, the symbol of the planet Venus and that of the Earth, coming from ancient astrology, are identical, but one is inverted with respect to the other. And one of the most interesting forms of this symbol is the Swastika, a kind of moving Cross that, in both directions, clockwise or counterclockwise, represents the secret key of the Chariot of the gods, called the Merkabah in the Bible and which is composed of a collection of quaternary symbols gathered in a mechanism that, translated by ufological gears, gives movement to the car of the gods in all dimensions.

In both the vision of the prophet Ezekiel and that of John, Revelation, this winged Chariot or Throne of God has four holy beings in a continuous state of praise, emitting full-time sounds, and these sounds relate to the very functioning of the chariot, and these beings also have four wings and four wheels each, forming a generation system based on the secret of the Four.

In Kabbalah, the fourth letter is called Dalet, and it means DOOR. John describes a DOOR in the heavens (in chapter 4 of Revelation) before seeing this Merkabah or winged throne of God.
Being Porta, Arcanum 4 also has a sense of KEY, which leads us to the secret of the hidden Name of God, formed by four letters, whose pronunciation is secret, known as Tetragrammaton.

The Name, the Word, the Creative Word, the Sound. These are the basic arguments to understand the essence of the mechanisms of the cars of the gods, of the UFOs, which, far from using atomic or nuclear energy, or any type of fuel, employ another resource, which operates in a much cleaner and more efficient way. the most abundant resource in the Universe. The Fifth Element, which makes the Swastika spin and glow.

In the Invocation of Solomon, the eighth heaven is ruled by the spirits of the Cherubim called WHEELS (Ophanim) and their salutation is:
OPHANIM, turn and shine!

Ophanim, the entities of the eighth heaven, Wheels that turn and shine, supporting the choir of the stars, in the ancient Kabbalistic view.

Flying saucers spin and shine in the skies, like stars. And they defy all our science with their wonders. Flying saucers have secret mechanisms involving SOUND, the harmonic, musical and oscillatory properties of matter.

The UFO Theory for the Star of Bethlehem

String theory?
For them, this is not theory, it’s practice.UFO technology is aware of harmonic keys that act directly on the Fifth element of the Universe and, indirectly, on the four known elements (or the four states of matter).

The four elements are the four vibratory levels of matter (states of heat) that define its four natures: solid, liquid, gaseous and plasmic.

But heat is still a chaotic, random vibration: particles stirred up by heat, in any material state, vibrate randomly in space.
What would be the state of matter no longer vibrating in the random and chaotic condition of heat, but in the harmonic condition of… music?
It would be the nature of the Fifth element.

The Fifth Element of the Universe is the key to clean and inexhaustible energy, totally recyclable, which feeds the ships and other technological devices of advanced societies, especially those that have conquered the Hyperspace of the Fourth Dimension, a sector where the fifth element has its active resonance, a dimension where vibrates and resounds a deep and wide Green Fa of infinite octaves superimposed on the layers of Creation!

The five perfect solids and the five elements inserted in the perfect Matrix, the Sphere

Heat is still a chaotic phenomenon in the substrate of all matter, a residual vestige of the Great Explosion (Big Bang) that reverberates throughout the Cosmos until our days, but another factor prevailed over the heat of chaos, and ordered matter according to Geometry models. Sacred that heat does not recognize, on the contrary, heat disintegrates, and that factor is Sound, the Harmonic Strings, governing all creation under the same mathematical and harmonic rules of Music!

The laws that regulate the use of the fifth element are subject to the harmonic procedures of music and to acoustic phenomena such as wave interference, resonance, tuning, etc.

All because the SPACE VACUUM concept disappears in the 4D Hyperspace dimension… and then, all the laws of Physics will have to be reformulated to adapt to the understanding of conventional science of 3D reference of observation and measurement.

That’s because Sound and music don’t flow in the Void, and the fifth element flows in the musical heat of hyperspatial matter… and the understanding that the unknown Universe is more musical and vibrating and undulating (cosmos) than caloric and random (chaos) its origins will finally appear!

Intelligent Universe of Conscious Music!

Thus, UFOs are more like musical instruments than anything else, working with harmonic matrices to create many of their wonders, coming from a technology totally foreign to us, capable of interacting with Hyperspace, where the Fifth Element “in these”, capable of concentrating it, manipulating it and producing in it all kinds of transformations through the keys of the Sound.

If heat is the foundation of the basic energy of matter in the 3D array (in addition to electromagnetism and gravity), ordered musical vibration is the foundation of the energy of that same matter in the 4D array.

The Azoth or polarized astral light of the alchemists, like the Caduceus of Mercury, organizes into two serpents that reach equilibrium in a final harmonic interaction, and these two serpents are the clear image of the oscillatory and musical properties of the cosmic energy that permeates the entire Universe.

“Azoth is the essential agent of transformation in Alchemy. It is the name given by ancient alchemists to Mercury, the animating spirit, hidden in all matter, which makes transmutation possible.
In the teachings of Kabbalah, the word Azoth is also related to the “Ain Soph”, or the Final Substance, the Infinite, from the Hebrew: “Unlimited”. It is what we can call God, in his highest aspect, the One who has no name, is not male and does not live in the clouds of heaven, and is not a “Being” limited by his own existence, quite different from the idea of God implanted by society. It is the Beginning and the End, which remains unmanifested. “This fiery Androgyne is the Universal Mercury or Azoth, the immeasurable Spirit of Life, the incomprehensible and intangible dust from which man’s spiritual body was formed,” explains Manly P. Hall (1901-1990), Canadian mystic and author. .

Azoth then identifies an important property of the fifth element, which is the oscillatory, vibratory and even acoustic property when the spatial vacuum ceases to exist in that dimension considered, and the two serpents interacting to generate light signify the properties of combination between these musical waves. . , whose resultants directly produce the harmonic matrices that support the sacred geometry that orders all chaos and all formless matter in harmonic form, full of symmetry, beauty and life, crowning all this symphonic and orchestral Creation with the signature of the Golden Pattern of the Number Phi!

Dodecahedron, the perfect solid that represents the fifth element that permeates the entire universe… and it’s not dark matter!

The Fifth Element of the Universe is the key to clean and inexhaustible energy, fully recyclable, that powers the ships and other technological devices of advanced societies, especially those that managed to conquer the Hyperspace of the Fourth Dimension, a sector where the fifth element has its active resonance. .

VITRIOLO alchemist seal (acrostic)

VRIL is one of the secret names of this fifth element, related to VITRIOL of ancient Alchemy, the hidden stone. VRIL is a model of symbolic philosopher’s stone, endowed with all powers.

The Fifth element is a common element that permeates the four known elements, to a greater or lesser degree. In fact, it is present in all elements, and if in fire (or plasma) it is in a freer state to the point of producing luminous phenomena in matter, in (solid) earth it is more compacted, emitting few of its visible and sensible properties. . But it’s there, in the water and in the air too.

In fire, it manifests as light and vital heat.
In the air, like Prana, the breath of consciousness in form.
In water, it is the universal solvent, the ideal medium.
And on earth he projects the cohesion and consolidation of all substances.

gold standard phi

The Word, the Sound and the harmonic keys acting directly on the Fifth element, and indirectly on the four known elements, is the main mechanism of the secret technologies. It is the complete Alchemy of the transformation of all things. Each element reacts to a specific frequency, and knowing these frequencies, and knowing how to apply them in the essence of material elements, that is, in the soul of the fifth element, is to obtain a transformation that is almost magical.

Metatron’s Cube, the great harmonic matrix of the Universe

What the ancients called Ether is this fifth element not detectable in our 3D plane, however, composing the “atmosphere” of 4D Hyperspace, traversing everything that exists and creating a kind of vibration shared between all things created by an effect of universal resonance, then that those sentences that the Unity of diversity takes place in the realms of the spiritual, become objective reality on those transcendent planes.

In primordial substance do you believe that there is only straight, only curve, or both in some way?

It’s an interesting question. Remember then the primordial figure, the matrix of all geometries. You know what it is, right? It is the division of the curve by the straight, and the indecipherable PI.

Now, the Light is shot in a straight beam, but it becomes curved in its course of warped space-time curved topographies…

I believe that, in the chords of primordial geometry applied to inert matter, both straight-curved dynamics are even related to masculine-feminine or universal polarity.

The primordial substance is called water in Scripture (Genesis), referring to the original chaos of particles dissolved in energy, yet without form, without elementary material structures, such as atoms, to set them stable patterns that could then sustain. school subjects. cosmic order, serving as a basis for the worlds.

This inert matter was considered the Ether of the ancients, or the fifth element. It is the root of the four elements or states of matter, and the geometry of which I speak is purely derived from Sound and the harmonics of Sound. material.
The Cross of energy was applied, the Holy Word of the first moment, the Fiat Lux, and then chaos became cosmos.

It is an as yet unknown theory (Pythagorean origins) that predicts all relationships between harmonic forms and geometric and numerical patterns in inert (chaotic) matter that becomes ordered (cosmic) matter.

In the begining was the verb
And the Word was with God
And the Word was God.

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