If UFO Technology Is Revealed, The Entire World Economy Will Collapse

Paradigm Research Group (PRG) leader Steve Bassett is the only lobbyist for the opening on the “Alien Case” and UFOs on Earth. According to Bassett many researchers believe the aliens shared “anti-gravity technologies” with the US government. So if this fact is made public, the end of the fossil fuel economy will come.

Bassett is convinced that the US government has been secretly working with these technologies since the middle of the last century, but in the deepest secrecy. This approach is linked to concerns about religion, the rule of law and the mineral economy.

According to politico.com Bassett is the only registered Washington lobbyist pushing the federal government to recognize “an extraterrestrial presence involving the human race,” as his disclosure document says. He came to Washington in the 1990s, but soon realized that it was not easy to persuade lawmakers or even congressional officials to attend meetings to discuss UFOs.

So Bassett adopted a strategy that more conventional lobbyists have also adopted in the last decade or two. “I said I’m not going to waste time talking to some intern in some office on Hill,” Bassett said. “I will press the media.”

PRG researchers say they know the reasons US authorities are withholding information about UFOs. If UFO data is revealed the entire world economy will collapse, they said.

Bassett added that all so-called “flying saucers” don’t use oil, gasoline, gas or coal. “They have a different energy system. Undoubtedly a much more complex and deeper system based on antigravity,” he said.

“Some programs have been removed from the jurisdiction of the White House and Congress and are working somewhere very, very deeply in a ‘black’ way, the researcher emphasized.

Design of a Tesla Atigravity Ship.

“I can assure you that when the head of state finally formally admits this fact and presents evidence, people will start to worry and want to know more.”

But even if the economy stops developing in the current way, it will have new opportunities, believes the expert.

Thus Bassett and many others say that the evidence for the existence of UFOs is absolutely true and convincing.
Note: Activate the subtitles, video subtitled in Portuguese.

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