Video: For Several Hours, A Huge Triangle-Shaped UFO Was Spotted From Space In The Same Location.

MrMBB333, an alias for American ufologist Michael, posted a mysterious video on his YouTube channel. While watching a satellite broadcast on April 9, the American saw something strange.

In the clouds over the Pacific Ocean in South America, a fully triangular object with dark tints and huge proportions formed. If you look closely, you can see how the item changes color quickly.

Lower California and Southern Lower California, both in Mexico, were near to the weird object’s position. After additional study, the object’s height was judged to be more than 2500 kilometers.

Obviously, the video’s validity and, if correct, its character prompted a discussion on the internet. Some say it was an extraterrestrial spacecraft, while others say it was a government-run secret facility, and that an interdimensional portal emerged in the sky as a result.

Although the author of the video believes the object is unlikely to be the product of a satellite malfunction, he is not in a hurry to figure out what it is.

After all, this is a riddle, and you are allowed to draw your own conclusions.


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