Admired Archaeologists: “Tombs of Giants Discovered in Crimea” (Video)

Experts have found a necropolis of the Byzantine Empire in Crimea, where the tomb of a giant was located during archaeological investigations. ​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​

Archaeological excavation activity began nearby while Mithridates’ staircase at Kerch underwent further repairs.

This exposed a necropolis of up to 100 square meters and contained the graves of people who visited the shrine of John the Baptist.
So far 27 graves have been found, including several twin and children’s graves. in addition to additional components such as bracelets or bronze pendants.

They even discovered felt clothes in one of the graves. This was very useful as it made it possible to date the discovery.

Giant’s Tomb in the Necropolis
Finding a burial box over eight feet long made the already-unusual discovery considerably stranger. They discovered what appeared to be a Giant’s skeleton when they dug it up.

Finding a skeleton of a person over six feet tall is inconsistent with the facts, given the average physical characteristics of past inhabitants.

There is no way to explain how the bones of this giant were buried in the region as the average height of the population at the time was 1.60 meters.
The team’s anthropologist analyzed the bones in an effort to determine the age of the individual buried there.

The remains need to be examined to determine where they came from. hard excavation

The difficult and diverse terrain made excavation operations difficult and slow. Garbage was just thrown on the floor in the past.

So on top of all the ancient ruins the necropolis was built in the Middle Ages. Because of this, archaeologists have found it difficult to pinpoint the specific origin of anything they have discovered.
Experts are currently negotiating with the diocese of Kerch-Feodosia to be able to recover the discovered bones and study them in more detail.

The origin of the mysterious skeleton and the cause of its exaggerated size are still under investigation by experts. discovering an explanation for its beginnings as well.
Despite the fact that traditional archeology seeks to keep these types of artifacts hidden, Giants were present in many ancient societies. However, finds like the one in Crimea prove that they did exist.

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