Rectangle Shaped UFO Over Saint Paul, Minnesota October 20, 2022

This sighting reminds me of the Sephenville, Texas UFO where in 2009 an entire city including its mayor and police chief saw a 300 meter rectangular metal UFO move over the city and towards the ranch of US President Bush … before disappearing from the airport’s radar.

This UFO is amazing and strange with its greenish light around the UFO hovering over the city. Easily this UFO is also around 300 meters in diameter. Coincidence? I think not. Some comments below my video are saying it’s probably low lights because of Halloween. Perhaps, but when UFOs of similar size and shape have been seen in broad daylight it is more difficult to rule out this event. We need more videos of this event is the only way to be sure.
The eyewitness states: The object simply hovered without any sound. Keep coming back.


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