US Representative Tim Burchett Claims: “The US is Keeping Secrets About UFOs”

O Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) diz que governo dos EUA está acobertando informações sobre OVNIs do público americano. Burchett acredita que o governo está retendo informações sérias sobre OVNIs do público.

Representative Tim Burchett’s statement comes at the same time that NASA announces the members of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena study team.

NASA selected 16 individuals to join its independent study team on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). Observations of events in the sky that cannot be identified as aircraft or known natural phenomena are categorized as UAPs.

Deputado Tim Burchett

The independent study will begin on Monday, October 24th. Over the course of nine months, the independent study team will lay the groundwork for future studies on the nature of UAPs for NASA and other organizations.

To do this the team will identify how data collected by civil government entities, business data and data from other sources can be analyzed to clarify the UAPs. He will then recommend a roadmap for the agency’s possible UAP data analysis going forward.

NASA has brought together some of the world’s leading scientists, data and artificial intelligence professionals, aerospace security experts, all with a specific mandate that is to tell us how to apply the full focus of science and data to UAP.

And then NASA says the following in its announcement:

“Consistent with NASA’s principles of openness, transparency and scientific integrity this report will be publicly shared” study.”

What hypocrisy besides not expecting much from this study NASA and the government have already collected so much information and evidence about the existence of the UFO phenomenon but both organizations have covered it up for so many years and how Rep. Tim Burchett said that “the government (and NASA as well) is withholding serious information about UFOs from the public.”

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