Former Military Officer on Trial in Italy for Reporting UFOs and Aliens

Still unfinished in 1978 when it's creator George Van Tassel died, the Integratron sat unused until 1987. Van Tassel believed, when finished, it would rejuvenate human beings with the use of electromagnetic oscillations. (Photo by Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

One of the least pleasant yet most important civic responsibilities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other countries using juries to hear evidence and render impartial verdicts is jury duty. While most people would prefer to not serve on a jury during a trial, many might reconsider if they knew the trial involved UFOs. Really! For what is undoubtedly the first time in history, UFOs play an important part in the case of a retired military officer in Italy on trial for fraud and defamation. Could this be the first trial to use the Giorgio A. Tsoukalos: “I’m not saying it was the aliens … but it was the aliens … so help me God.”

Would you want to be on this jury?

“The singular case is the one that sees the former commander of the carabinieri of the Chiesa in Valmalenco station, Alessandro Di Roio, on trial., now retired, for false ideology in public deed and continued fraud. He would have signed two hours and 40 minutes of extra service, cheating the state for a sum of one hundred euros gross, 80 net. Time that he would actually spend on “anti-alien” patrols or in any case for matters that did not concern his role as lieutenant.”

As reported by Teleunica and other Italian language media sites, Alessandro Di Roio, the now retired former lieutenant of the Carabinieri (the national gendarmerie of Italy) in Chiesa in Valmalenco (a town on the border between Italy and Switzerland) is charged with allegedly taking 80 euros in overtime pay for looking for UFOs and aliens – a job that the prosecution claims he was not authorized to do. Di Rio is charged with false ideology in public deed and continued fraud – serious crimes that would warrant prison time. That’s right – prison for looking for UFOs. That is the fact that is messing up the case for the prosecution – Di Roio’s lawyers wanted to enter into evidence a dossier on the series of sightings of UFOS Chiesa in Valmalenco during the time Di Roio was in charge – proof that this was part of his job and that the military was taking them seriously.

According to UFO Casebook, this tale begins way back in 2011 when “round objects in the sky” were being reported by local residents. They continued to be seen without explanation, so in 2013 they were brought to the attention of the Carabinieri by a local who claimed to see “a strange sphere of faint pulsing orange light.” The commander of Carabinieri was Lieutenant Alessandro Di Roio and he was said to have recorded this event and all that were brought in. These reports were sent to the relevant provincial Company Command and the Ministry of Defense. After six years, in 2019, his superiors and the MoD told Di Roio to stop sending in the reports on UFOs and intelligent extraterrestrials. That is when Di Roio decided his loyalties were with the locals, so he continued to take the reports. This was discovered when he put two extra hours on his time card for UFO investigations and was paid 80 euros. For that, Alessandro Di Roio was charged with false ideology and fraud against the state. His case is now in court, where his lawyer, Marco Della Luna, declared that his client is on trial “because he refused to keep that documentation in the drawer.” As a result:

“For the first time in a criminal trial, the aliens entered. The court, after two interrogations, admitted the production of a dossier of photographs and reports of a police command, in which both aliens and strange aircraft appear.”

UFO Casebook published a few of the UFO sightings from Chiesa in Valmalenco, which were submitted by locals who claimed to have seen “strange lights, suspicious shadows, unidentified aircraft, unorthodox shapes, hominids, and so on.” These photos and reports are key to Di Roio’s defense because, as you may recall, he is charged with fraud. The prosecution claims that some of these photos and reports are fakes and Di Roio knew that they were – possibly even creating some of them himself. Submitting them with that knowledge as evidence to his superiors and to the Ministry of Defense would indeed be fraud. Di Roio and his lawyers and defenders say they are real.

The dossier was allowed in court. Now the questions arise: why did his Carabinieri superiors and the Ministry of Defense tell Lieutenant Alessandro Di Roio to stop sending any more reports of UFOs and aliens in his jurisdiction – even though the reports of sightings and alien encounters continued to pour in? Did they give him a reason or just an order? If the reports are true, why is this small ski resort town in northern Italy such a hotbed for UFO and alien activity? If the reports are false, why would an officer so close to retirement risk it and his reputation for a mere 80 euros?

“They made fun of me, treated like crazy. I went through a very difficult period, I got sick, but I can assure you that I have never failed in my duty and that I have never stolen anything from the State ”.

Di Roio told Italian media sources he is innocent and the pressure from the military and government, along with the trial, has taken a toll on his health. From what can be gathered from the Google translations of the Italian media sites, the in-court portion of the trial has ended. The next key date is January 11, 2023, when apparently the judge will release a decision. What will be the outcome of the trial that the defense lawyer calls “first time that aliens enter a criminal case”?

Will justice be served?

Based on the information presented here, if this were a jury trial and you were on the jury panel, how would you vote? If you were the lone juror to side with DiRoio, how would you convince the other 11 to change their minds? If, on the other hand, you were the lone juror to vote to convict, how would you defend your decision?

If you were in the position of retired Lieutenant Alessandro Di Roio from 2011 to 2019, what would you have done? Get ready … while this may have been the first time aliens and UFOs enter a criminal case, it most certainly won’t be the last.

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