Former CIA pilot says: “250 million aliens live on the Moon”

John Lear, a former CIA pilot, has made shocking revelations about it during an interview.
How many times have we not looked at the sky just to admire the Moon? How many times have we seen a face on its surface? We can safely say that the mysterious moon attracted you once. Have you ever thought that there could be alien life on the moon? This is the strange case of former CIA pilot John Lear, who made a shocking revelation in an interview.

Lear fully asserts that there are gray alien races, specifically 250 million humanoid aliens, in urban areas below the lunar surface. According to a former CIA pilot (and a very popular figure in the UFO world) who revealed top secret information on extraterrestrial activity in the 1980s and 1990s, these clandestine institutions were suspected of conducting genetic experiments.

He maintains that NASA edited photos taken on the Apollo 8, 10 and 11 missions to prevent the secrets of Earth’s satellites from leaking.

Still, cities, space bases, pipelines, roads, vegetation, air, atmosphere, 66 percent gravity compared to Earth, lights, mining operations and even nuclear reactors can still be seen in the image, Lear said.

The mysterious pilot believes that everything we know about the moon is a farce made in the United States.

“I can’t prove (what I’m saying) or I’d be dead now. I can’t show you a photo of the USS Enterprise there. That’s what it’s about knowing the technology that the US government has acquired for all the Tesla research billions of dollars were pumped into,” he said.

“In 1962, we had vehicles that couldn’t go faster than the speed of light, like alien spacecraft, but fast enough to get to the Moon in 60 minutes and a few hours, and then to Mars. The first flight to Mars was in 1966, even on the Red Planet there are about 600 million aliens and some human colonies,” he said.

At the time, Lear said, “In 1953, an alien spacecraft crashed and they captured an alien that we call EBE 3, and it helped the US government build some spacecraft with alien technology. In 1962, we have vehicles that cannot fly. faster than the speed of light, like alien vehicles, but fast enough to reach the moon in 60 minutes, while it takes hours to go to Mars. The first flight to Mars happened in 1966, there are about 600 million alien creatures and some human colonies even on the red planet.”

But that’s not all, Lear also revealed that Earth is actually a planetary prison, and as a prison institution, prisoners must achieve a higher level of simplicity. Lear is not the first to announce that the moon has colonies of different alien races or even human inhabitants. Several insist that the moon that orbits our planet also has extraterrestrial life.


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