US Pilots Reported Increased UFO Activity, Federal Aviation Reports (FAA).

Pilots said they witnessed UFOs in the air performing maneuvers that no man-made aircraft could perform.

An example is lights that appear in one place, disappear and reappear a few seconds later in another place. Sometimes these lights zigzag or perform maneuvers that no man-made aircraft is capable of. What these objects are remains a mystery to all of us.

Many UFO researchers believe that some of these objects are extraterrestrial technology, that is, not created on Earth.

They’ve become so popular that even NASA is trying to figure out what these mysterious objects are. In addition, the Pentagon also has its own UFO office.

“Recently US pilots on more than 15 commercial planes said they have encountered Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in US airspace in recent weeks.”

Researcher and broadcaster Ben Hansen first mentioned UFO sightings on social media. He then used his YouTube channel to post several videos detailing the incidents. According to Hansen, the pilots explained that the sightings took place over a period of seven weeks. In all cases luminous objects were observed in the air.

UFOs are visible in airspace from the US Midwest to the Western Pacific. However these were no ordinary UFOs. The objects would be performing unconventional aerial maneuvers in a closed circle. Some drivers have compared them to Formula 1 race cars.

Several sightings were immediately reported to air traffic controllers. However, no official investigation is known. And that’s despite the fact that the events were reported to at least one division of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

A curious series of sightings took place a few months ago in August 2022. This involved a Gulfstream 650 private jet piloted by former Navy F-18 pilot Mark Halsey. Halsey was accompanied by a copilot. They flew from Florida to Hawaii.

Flying over Los Angeles, pilots observed 4 to 7 bright objects flying at an altitude of 5 to 10,000 feet. The objects performed erratic maneuvers.

Man-made aircraft clearly cannot perform such exotic maneuvers. What the pilots saw was probably not ground technology. This is the only thing the pilots thought about in those moments.

Based on the strange maneuvers of the UFOs and the speed they exhibited, none of the pilots thought they were conventional aircraft.

Gulfstream 650 pilots told Hansen that the incident had been relayed and reviewed at a private meeting and referred to Joint Flight Command.

A few weeks after the incident, similar reports of UFO sightings began to emerge. Commercial pilots began disclosing more information about their sightings, which eventually found their way onto social media.

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