According to a report, nearly 80% of Americans believe in aliens.

According to recent polls, 257 million Americans believe in aliens, with half of them believing they intend to destroy Earth and the other half believing they will arrive peacefully.

According to a shocking new poll, over 257 million Americans think aliens exist.

A staggering 78% of the country’s 330 million people are convinced that extraterrestrial life exists.

One in three people believe that aliens have abducted humans in the past, and 37% believe that American scientists have secretly communicated with extraterrestrial species.

However, there is disagreement between them on whether space travelers are allies or enemies, exactly 50% believe they are friendly and came to visit in peace, while the other 50% believe that aliens are actively planning to destroy Earth.

De acordo com um relatório, quase 80% dos americanos acreditam em alienígenas.
Protesters called for full disclosure of government knowledge of UFOs.

In order to determine where Americans are most likely to spot an alien, the researchers also examined the National UFO Reporting Center’s database. They found that California had the closest encounters, with twice as many as Florida, its closest competitor.

According to science website StudyFinds, two states that have historically been associated with alien conspiracy ideas are actually among the least likely locations of a close encounter.

Numerosos americanos acreditam que há vida alienígena lá fora.
Numerous Americans believe there is alien life out there.

Nevada ranks only 27th out of 50 states despite being the location of the top-secret US Air Force Area 51 base believed to contain the remains of a crashed alien spacecraft.

While Roswell, New Mexico, the site of the alleged 1947 UFO crash, was ranked 28th.

The research came as the US space agency NASA began the most tenacious alien search in human history, led by a former astronaut.

Scott Kelly, 58, a four-time space traveler, is part of a 16-person team of experts tasked with investigating a succession of UFO sightings by military Top Gun pilots.

The nine-month survey aims to answer questions about 144 reports of unidentified flying objects from 2004.

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