A Look Into The Brains Of People Who Say They Have Had An Encounter With A UFO

Stanford professor Garry Nolan has been analyzing the brains of people who say they have experienced a UFO encounter.
Stanford University professor Garry Nolan has been testing the brains of people who say they have experienced UFOs and has analyzed unusual material from UFO crashes.

Did the people who reported the encounter, especially the pilots, describe a marked decrease in neurological function?

Of the roughly 100 patients we analyzed, about a quarter died from their injuries. Most of these patients had essentially the same symptoms as what is now known as Havana syndrome.

But Dr. Nolan has also spent the last decade analyzing anomalous material from UFO crashes. A material from the so-called Ubatuba event (a UFO event in Brazil) drastically altered the ratio of magnesium isotopes.

This means that if you find a metal with isotope ratios that vary far beyond what is normally found in nature, the material may be engineered downstream of the process that caused its interference. Someone did. The question is who… and why.

Speaking with Vice’s Motherboard, Nolan discussed his work and revealed what piqued his interest in UAP. More information: Vice

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