Listen to Alien Communication from FRB 121102 – Strange Radio Pulse Detected by China FAST Radio Telescope

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It is possible that some entity or person is trying to reach our planet. According to China’s, FAST (500 Meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope) intercepted radio signals from space.

Radio waves are three billion light years from Earth. Interference factors such as satellites and planes were eliminated.

Scientists also plan to examine cross-validation.

FRBs, or fast radio bursts are one of the most popular topics in astronomy. They were first discovered in 2007. So far they have been found in 100.

The origin of these radio bursts is unknown at this time. While most FRBs only appear once, this one has been seen before according to Zhang Xinxin (an assistant engineer at the NAOC).

Scientists will continue to study the event and make additional observations. It is hoped that there will be more telescope installations around the world to make useful observations. To help investigate this unusual and unexplained phenomenon, more samples are likely to be collected.

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