They detect a strange structure on the hidden side of the Moon

For many years, NASA has consistently denied that probes or astronauts on the moon or any other celestial body in the solar system have detected signs of extraterrestrial life. However, astronauts have said just the opposite. They even claim that there have been discoveries of extraterrestrial life in space. But that such discoveries have been hushed up. They detect a strange structure on the hidden side of the Moon

In 2018, a new study titled “NASA and the Search for Technosignatures. In which the experts basically proved the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial artifacts and intelligent extraterrestrial life in our solar system. According to their statements, such techno-signatures were located on the planet Mars, the moon and on the earth in the form of inexplicable ancient or prehistoric structures. So the astrophysicists said that such signatures exist on the moon, and that this is because the moon has no atmosphere. So the aliens use it as a space station to go to our planet.

NASA analyzes the possibility of extraterrestrial settlement on earth.
The NASA study also looks at the possibility that extraterrestrial observation probes have landed on planets or moons in our solar system. Even experts have described that there is a possibility that such artifacts or UFOs could be on our planet. Since US government spokesmen have stated that the military has recovered and studied the remains of unidentified spacecraft and probes. Because of this, astronomers do not have to search the depths of space for signs of extraterrestrial intelligences. Since there are countless indications that they are in our solar system and even on planet Earth itself.

This has led many astrophysicists to use probes to scan the lunar surface for extraterrestrial artifacts. Since, the lunar environment is ideal for preserving traces and ruins of extraterrestrial activity. Since they have discovered many anomalies such as pyramids, footprints and strange artifacts on the lunar surface and on the moon. Same that scientists have not yet been able to explain, or know how they got there.

Paracelsus C (crater) Wikipedia

Then in 2016, a study was published that includes photos of unexplained artifacts on the lunar surface. NASA experts have explained that before the first moon landings, unmanned space probes had already discovered that there were strange anomalies on the moon’s surface in certain regions. So it is not a coincidence that the Apollo moon landings were in certain places.

alien footprints on the moon
Therefore, the question arises. How is it that the two unusual structures shown in the images of the lunar crater Paracelsus C, are shown just on the far side of the moon and not elsewhere? These images do not appear to be created by any human. The experts who analyzed the recordings hypothesized that they were entrances or passages that led under the lunar surface. Since the structures were inexplicably different from the surrounding environment, having ordered geometric shapes very different from everything else observed on the lunar surface

Detectan una 'extraña estructura' en la cara oculta de la Luna

Most astronomers and space explorers have ignored this study, and all the remaining evidence and evidence of possible alien technosignatures and artifacts in the solar system and on planet Earth. But the truth is that each of these images is worth examining carefully. Since the astronauts of the first Apollo missions said that there are ancient structures and even UFOs and unidentified artifacts there.

For example, there are claims that UFOs closely monitored the first Apollo moon landing. Therefore, the scientific community cannot simply claim that such artifacts do not exist. Until these structures have not been studied further. Even the prominent astrophysicist Dr. Carl Sagan published scientific articles and gave a lecture where he stated that there is extraterrestrial technology on the lunar surface. In fact, that was before NASA’s first manned lunar mission in 1972, so it is believed that something had to happen for lunar missions to suddenly stop. Why did man never return to the moon after 1972 that happened?

Intelligent life in the universe 1966
The doctor. Sagan published the book Intelligent Life in the Universe in 1966 and wrote that our moon poses unsolvable mysteries for scientists. Where I quote the six moon landings of Apollo, and he said that these mysteries cannot be unraveled so easily.

Scientists wanted to use the rock samples brought back from the moon to determine how the moon formed or where it originally came from. Analysis of lunar rocks has revealed that they are much older than expected. Even older than planet Earth and the entire solar system. Although the moon has at least three different layers of rock, heavy objects don’t sink, so heavy rocks lie right on the surface, and all lunar craters, regardless of diameter, are never very deep. deep.

Apollo 16 astronauts have found rocks containing oxidized iron particles in the one. And this is very strange, because the oxidation of iron requires oxygen and water. Which are said to be absent or present in small traces on the lunar surface. This caused the researchers to be greatly surprised, as this is difficult to practice on the land itself. Magnetic moonrock has also been discovered. However, it is said that the moon never had a natural magnetic field, so the question arises, where does the magnetism come from? Studies have shown that the moon probably does not have a solid core and is therefore hollow. Therefore, Carl Sagan wrote in his book that, according to all valid astronomical knowledge, a natural satellite can never be a hollow object!

Huge structure on the Lunar terrain
The moon itself has been terraformed, even from the perspective of experts. And it is possibly an artificial satellite of an extraterrestrial intelligence! Beneath its outer layers of rock is a hard shell about 30 km thick made up of extremely durable materials such as titanium, uranium, iron, and some radioactive elements that also cannot form naturally. Another mystery is why the moon is so dry, unlike the earth.

viaje al lado oculto e la luna
An orbit photo of the far side of the moon taken by Apollo 11 astronauts clearly shows a huge structure on the lunar terrain that resembles an alien base on the far side of the moon.

There is a theory among astronomers and geologists that the moon was once part of the primitive planet Earth and formed at the same time. why unlike terrestrial rocks, moon rocks are almost devoid of iron and other heavy elements that are found in abundance on our planet?

Foto lunar apolo 11
The same photo taken by the Apollo 11 astronauts shows giant tower-like structures on the lunar surface, clearly indicating the presence of aliens.

Apart from these and many other contradictions, astrophysicists also do not have a logical explanation for how the moon became a satellite of the earth. First of all, because our planet does not have enough mass to capture a celestial body of this size unless they are close together.

In the next point, astrophysicists suggest that alien technology signatures also reside on the Earth’s surface. Buried deep in the various geological strata of our planet, in the form of exotic artifacts. In fact, many of these unexplained relics have been found in the form of incongruous technological discoveries explored around the world. So it is evident, the moon harbors extraterrestrial life and the earth itself is a witness to it.

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