The US Government Has ‘Crashed UFO Debris’ That Has Been ‘Hidden For Years’, Says Journalist

The US government has evidence of U̳F̳O̳ remnants despite claims by a congressional task force that they have none, claims a journalist.

Recently, the world watched in anticipation as the US Congress held an unusual hearing, discussing the information the government currently has on what is now called unidentified aerial phenomena.

However, despite being an important first step in moving toward declassification and other such hearings, the Defense Department’s lack of clear answers thus far—if not outright cover-up—has left the Defense Department unsatisfied. many people who expected something more substantial. For example, Leslie Kean, a journalist who has written for the New York Times and was present at the hearing as such.

Reflecting on the aforementioned event in Congress, Leslie suggested that some information had been withheld. And later she revealed more about it on a PodcastU̳F̳O̳ show with Martin Willis.

The host asked the journalist if, during the congressional debate, the committee stated that material from U̳F̳O̳ crashes had not been recovered.

“They did, they said, ‘it’s not in our possession, not in the possession of the (UAPTF) task force.’ Well, yes, you can be sure that if these things exist, they are not kept in a P̳e̳n̳t̳a̳g̳o̳n̳ office. They’re in a deep-buried special access program,” she replied. “But that doesn’t mean we don’t have it, that just means the UAPTF doesn’t have it.”

In fact, Leslie acknowledged that the UAPTF did not exist until recently—it was announced in 2020 and replaced this year by a new office called AOIMSG—and stated that this could be the reason for her lack of information.

“If we have salvaged ships, salvaged debris or whatever, we’ve had it longer, so it’s already locked away under seven keys somewhere,” she added. “If there is—and I believe there is—it seems to me that our government has some physical evidence, many sources have told me that, and in fact, the AATIP program has done briefings for members of Congress and others basically discussing that. So it’s very likely that they have stuff, and I think that’s becoming more and more clear as time goes on.”

“He may not be from another planet either. We don’t know where these things are from,” she admitted. “We just have no idea, it’s a big mystery.”

“It’s hard to put all the pieces of what we know about this phenomenon together and make sense of it all,” she concluded.

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