Ex-Navy Pilot: “I Witnessed a Solid Black Cube Inside a Translucent Sphere”

Former US Navy pilot and F/A-18F Ryan Graves was the first active-duty pilot to publicly report regular sightings of an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) talks about his encounter with what he describes as a solid black cube. inside a translucent sphere.

He states that despite the wind being above 120-140 mph the object was completely still in the air without moving up and down a bit, left or right, as well as the object followed a so-called “race track”. ” which means it wasn’t flying in a straight line. flight path, but flew a random runway where it performed impossible maneuvers like a u-turn without slowing down.

After the F/A-18F received an updated radar system, pilots saw these types of objects of unknown origin on a daily basis.

We can speculate whether these objects without wings or visible propulsion are man-made or extraterrestrial in origin—the fact is that these objects with exceptional abilities exist and move across our skies for whatever reason.

Not only Navy pilots, also commercial pilots have reported these extraordinary flying objects like the pilot who captured a black cube at high altitude during a commercial flight, see the video below.

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