Dash Cam Records Police Officer Being Turned To Ash After Being Struck By A Bright Light

Este vídeo foi enviado para o youtube, o vídeo já vem de uma longa data e agora começou novamente se tornar viral. O uploader alegou que encontrou na Dark Web. Você provavelmente esta ciente de que nem todos tem acesso à Dark Web.

The video appears to have been uploaded to the Dark Web by a user with the identifier “Ikowthings”. This is a very sinister name. The sender also provided a brief description of the video noting that it belonged to the Pentagon.

It is possible that the footage was discovered during one of many hacking attacks. This video shows how everything can be captured by a police dashboard camera. The film shows the police officer approaching a stopped vehicle when something unexpected happens.

A powerful flashing light appears out of nowhere. It hits the officer and turns him into something like a pile of ash. The driver likely fled the scene in fear. It is unknown where this bizarre incident took place.

It’s hard to tell if this is real or a hoax. You can see the video below.

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