Aliens and UFOs were spotted in the UK over 250 times in the previous year

According to reports, Extraterrestrials were seen over 250 times in the United Kingdom last year.

Abductions, and sightings of small green guys, and spacecraft were some of the things people claimed to have seen.

Those who claim to have had near experiences with ET were provided therapy to aid them with the trauma they suffered.

259 extraterrestrial sightings allegedly happened in 2021, as reported by the British UFO Research Association.

Only 5 percents of all reported encounters are real, though.

However, it stated that, while 2021 was an “intriguing year,” extraterrestrial and UFO reports were down from prior years.

According to a spokeswoman, the decline was caused when the public realized that the Starlink Satellites which were launched by Space X were not unidentified flying object.

According to him the launching of the Starlink Satellites, which unexpectedly caused a large number of reports to BUFORA as many of these satellites passed over the sky, was one of the key causes for many sightings in 2019.

As people grew more familiar with the Starlink Satellites, the frequency of reported sightings declined in 2020, with documented sightings nearly halving from 2019.

Chris Bonham of St Albans, Herts, claimed he was “desperate” to meet an extraterrestrial because he always thought there is life on other worlds and he wants to meet an alien. The encounters appear to be dropping, but he is still remains hopeful.

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