Did aliens modify the DNA of humans 780,000 years ago?

Did aliens genetically modify Homo sapiens 780,000 years ago?
The first humans appeared on Earth about 4 million years ago, but new evidence from the study of human evolution has revealed convincing evidence that a small group of hominins were genetically modified by humans, and that humans were ancient aliens. the first Homo sapiens. Researcher and author Daniela Fenton delves into the origins of early humans and the sudden evolution of the brain nearly 800,000 years ago, and the study has led to a major discovery.

“Homo sapiens is the work of ancient astronauts who traveled through wormholes in the Pleiades more than 780,000 years ago.”
The Australian researcher, an expert in horse breeds and gene expression, discovered many of the genetic changes that characterize humans as unusual in modern apes, some of which are so extreme that they can be better explained by advanced genetic engineering. In her book “Mixed: Scientific Evidence of Our 800,000-Year Space Legacy,” Daniela Fenton highlights a series of profound changes in genes related to brain size, neural structure, and information processing.

These changes include genes that are suddenly made up of so-called “junk DNA,” as well as gene fragments that are cut, transcribed, and reassembled. Fenton points to the mysterious fusion of chromosome 2 with these other changes about 780,000 years ago as further evidence of an extraterrestrial experience. This fusion is found in all large-brained hominins, including Neanderthals and Denisovans, but not in other primates.

She explained that the fusion of chromosome 2 must have been a mistake and disappeared in the next generation, or it could have resulted in a small group of people with 46 chromosomes. Instead, it appeared in all humans as a “mutation” 780,000 years later.

This clearly shows that fusion has a significant advantage and that it occurs suddenly in large numbers of individuals, making chromosome 2 a permanent dominant trait. This is inconsistent with known natural mutations in the human genome. “Someone created a whole generation of reproductive pairs through the fusion of chromosome 2,” explains Fenton. Chromosomal changes affect brain development, the immune system, and reproduction.

Humans also have unique changes in the FOXP2 gene that alter synaptic connections and enhance their ability to translate new experiences into routine processes, greatly impacting their ability to produce meaningful speech. Fenton points out that this change is not seen in other primates, and it seems that our creators want us to be able to quickly form new habitual behaviors using our specific language.

“The genetic changes from 780,000 years ago not only tell us that Homo sapiens was a species produced by extraterrestrial life, we also identify the material these stars produced. Come on, the material has the same time”.
Furthermore, he provides a detailed explanation of why these travelers left here and the motivations that led them to change the original human race in his book “Miracuse of Humans: Through Scientific Evidence for Its 800,000-Year Extraterrestrial Legacy.”

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