BRAZIL – Mysterious Lights Are Seen Again by Pilots of Five Commercial Flights in the South of the Country

Two pilots are flying the airplane in approach phase to the runway in night time while raining. Cityscape and airport are seen outside cockpit. Pilots and airplane instruments are inside cockpit.

A new report of a sighting of lights in the airspace of southern Brazil emerged with pilots from Azul and now also from Gol.

As reported here last week, Azul pilots reported to the Air Traffic Control agencies that they saw unknown lights moving in the sky over southern Brazil. The lights would have a random pattern, moving and disappearing sometimes, in a formation that does not match any current aircraft, creating rumors that it would be a UFO – Unidentified Flying Object.

Behold, the lights would have appeared again, now seen by four flights from Azul and one from GOL Linhas Aéreas.

The reports took place in sequence in the first minutes of this November 1st, as shown by the audio captured by the Youtube channel “Câmera Aeroporto Salgado Filho BrAmigos”, which broadcasts live the movement at Porto Alegre International Airport, along with the traffic control listening. air in the region.

All 5 pilots were instructed to call the Air Defense Command and report the incident, a standard procedure in this type of occurrence. Check out the recording below:


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