These 5 Strange Skulls Defy Scientific Explanation

When Julio Tello, a young archaeologist excavating in the Peruvian desert in 1928, uncovered over 300 mystery skulls going back 3,000 years, he made the most perplexing discovery of his life.

As you can see, the skulls are all 25% bigger and 60% heavier than any known human skull, and they’re also plainly elongated.

It’s also worth mentioning that the DNA in these skulls has been tampered with, resulting in a mix of human and extraterrestrial characteristics. As a result, most specialists label these beings as alien-human hybrids.

The Rhodope skull is unique in that it lacks a mouth and weighs just 250 grams despite its size.

According to Dimiter Kovachev, the species had six eyes, and this discovery is unlike any other skull ever uncovered.

The Sealand’s Skull is polarizing, to say the least, because despite their best efforts, a top team from a Danish College of Veterinary Medicine was unable to determine who the skull belonged to in the first place.

At first view, this prehistoric bison skull looks to be unremarkable, but closer inspection reveals the impact crater of what appears to be a fast-moving bullet.

That’s correct, you’re searching for a bullet wound in the skull of a 30,000-year-old bison.

These ET skulls were unearthed in Russia, and they aren’t what you’d expect. According to the original discoverer, this two-year-old finding could never be traced to anything we’ve ever seen on our planet.


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