Gary Mckinnon: The Hacker who ensures that NASA has SPACESHIPS of WAR.

Gary McKinnon, a man who performed a massive hack into NASA’s computer systems, and claims to have uncovered a blueprint for what the agency plans for the fairly near future.
Surely at some time in your life you have seen a movie of the Star Wars saga, including some scenes of wars in space, but do you think that one day human beings will fight in space? Honestly, it’s not a matter of believing it or not, since it seems that one of the world’s greatest powers is already working on the first space warships. Gary McKinnon, the man who claims to have carried out a massive hack on NASA’s computer systems, claims to have discovered a shocking blueprint for what the agency is planning for the near future.

The information came to light in an interview with the Richplanet TV channel, where the hacker assured that he had been reviewing the space agency’s documents for months, knowing that at some point they would realize and eventually block access to the information. The hacker said that he obtained the information through a program called Lansearch.

McKinnon’s shocking discovery

McKinnon found a mysterious Excel file with a list of officers and their respective ranks, but that’s not all, surprisingly, the title of the list is “Non-Ground Officers”, which means they are not a planet army land, but an army with a space mission to develop a space warship program for the US Army.

I also commented on the fact that NASA hides information about UFOs, removing them from the images that it continues to show to the public.

McKinnon is accused of committing the worst hack in history since he managed to compromise and compromise the computer systems of the Navy, Army, Air Force and NASA, for which he has been facing legal claims for about 10 years.

The only proof that we have about what McKinnon says are his words, therefore, there are those who believe that it is true while there are others who do not. Tell us what you think about what this Hacker reveals, do you think what he says is true?

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