Former head of French spy agency claims UFOs are not from Earth, perhaps interdimensional

The UAP phenomenon is a global conundrum that is a big problem for every military in the world. The United States is not the only county dealing with unidentified mysterious objects that are transmedia in nature. The Doctor. Jacques Vallée claimed that he had observed UFO patterns in Europe before coming to the US. It was nothing new for him. The year 2020 was the first time that former French intelligence officer Alain Juillet spoke of UFOs and his statement did not follow the rule of leading UFO experts.

Alain Juillet, former director of the French Republic’s foreign intelligence service (DGSE) is one of the first people in authority to speak openly about the UFO phenomenon and the existence of alien life. With his immense experience in intelligence, he advocated a pragmatic approach and an open mind to unravel a mystery too important to be left to dogmatic believers and skeptics.

During an appearance on The Hidden Truth Show, American physicist Dr. Jack Sarfatti has suggested that the infamous USS Nimitz tic tac UFO was able to achieve its supernatural speed and maneuverability using a “metamaterial” that allowed it to travel through time. This same theory is well explained by Dr. Michael P. Masters in his book, “Identified Flying Objects: A Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO Phenomenon”.

He proposed that all reported UFO sightings over the years were not actually caused by extraterrestrials who came to visit our planet, but rather by time-traveling humans operating futuristic spacecraft. Interestingly, Alain Juillet believes that UFOs can actually come from parallel worlds.

According to former French intelligence officer Alain Juillet, the UFO phenomenon escapes the terrestrial dimension. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

In an interview with the French publication “Paris Match” in 2020, Juillet said:

“In the specific field of UFOs, not to mention people who see a flying saucer landing in a field, there are fighter pilots, astronauts, people who are not funny at all and report very accurate observations. We shouldn’t say it’s nonsense, but just recognize that there are things that escape us. It is in this context that I became interested in this problem because the first thing we see when we study this phenomenon is that evidently these machines or these appearances do not work according to terrestrial laws and in particular that they are not subject to gravitation.”

Mr. Juillet raised the question of whether or not these UFOs could come from universes parallel to ours. He said: “For comparison a fly with its faceted eyes can see other dimensions than ours, even if it lives in our world. Perhaps therefore there are things that are in our universe that we cannot see in normal times because they are not in our field of vision. But maybe every now and then something happens that a phenomenon passes through our field of perception before disappearing.”

While discussing how society would respond if the general public discovered the truth about UFOs, Juillet said: “The day we say it, five years from now, everyone will accept it as a trivial phenomenon.”

Has any country developed a system (technology) that disobeys the known laws of physics? “Twenty years ago I would have said, ‘Why not?’ But today if a country in the world had made such a discovery we would know. No progress of this magnitude can be kept secret. It’s impossible. If a country had such technology, it would already have been used openly.”

During a podcast session with “J’suis pas content TV”, Juillet said that UAPs are not from any country on Earth, that they have been detected going faster than the speed of sound underwater and more.

“What is happening with UAPs? Are we spying on aliens?” asked the host. The former head of the French spy agency told about his meeting with documentary filmmaker Dominique Filhol. He told Filhol why the UAP subject interests him. He said:

“I on the defense side have a real problem when I see that they detect unidentified things… The Americans were able to film some and make measurements, measurements in many domains like radiation, magnetic fields, etc. of measurements and a lot of information collected from the last 15 to 20 years. And we see that this is something that we cannot understand.” He continued: “We don’t understand, we don’t control.”

1,200 m.p.h = (1931.21 kilometers per hour)

“Why don’t we understand? Why do these things have abnormal characteristics?” Mr. Juillet said: “Yes because for example they are stopped and in a tenth of a second or in a second they are at 10,000 km/h. We are not able to build things like that.” Maybe we understand them but is it classified by the military? he replied, “I won’t tell you because it’s not possible. Because we don’t know today how to make a material that doesn’t melt when going from 0 to 10,000 km/h in that time span.”

Mr. Juillet is certain that these UFO sightings are not some secret human-classified technology. Furthermore, he fears that if UAPs become aggressive it would be a disastrous event as to his current knowledge there is no technology to stop them. “So we’re thinking it’s a drone, did the Chinese find something or the Americans or Russians?”

“But when we look at it we see that everyone: Chinese, Americans and Russians are looking for answers. We face something we don’t understand and it would be great to understand it because it can become a real danger. And that’s what I’m interested in trying to understand. And my question goes further because we’ve seen this in the air but we’ve also seen some in the water.”

According to Mr. Juillet they detected UFOs moving at an incredibly fast speed. He added that these objects are underwater moving much faster than the speed of sound. So “the more we advance in the technique, the more we identify events like this. But so far we cannot explain them. We’ll find it I’m convinced we will. But we need time,” he said.

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