Commercial Airline Pilots Record More UFOs Over Brazil and Colorado and a Politician Fears a UFO Collision

If you are not yet convinced that commercial airline pilots – not military pilots – are in the best position to spot and record real UFOs, these recent events may convince you otherwise. After a number of pilots for Azul Brazilian Airlines reported UFOs over the state of Santa Catarina in far southeastern Brazil, more pilots from Azul and pilots from the low-cost airline Gol Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes are reporting additional sightings. In the U.S., a professional pilot for over 40 years  with over 28,000 hours of flight time reports seeing a fleet of UFOs making strange maneuvers over Colorado, while others report sightings over Oklahoma. Proving some in positions of power and political influence are concerned about commercial airline encounters with UFOs, US Congressman Tim Burchett reveals he is convinced a collision is inevitable and will happen soon. Is it time for a commercial pilots UFO conference? Would their airlines allow it … anticipating the fear it could perpetrate amongst the flying public? Should Congress – or the White House or the Pentagon – demand it?

What are these pilots seeing?

“A new report of sightings of lights in the airspace of southern Brazil has emerged again with pilots from Azul and now also from Gol. As reported here , last week Azul pilots reported to Air Traffic Control agencies that they spotted unknown lights moving in the sky over southern Brazil. The lights would have a random pattern, moving and disappearing sometimes, in a formation that does not match any current aircraft, creating rumors that it would be a UFO – Unidentified Flying Object. Here, again, the lights would have appeared, now seen by four Azul flights and one by GOL Linhas Aéreas.”

As reported last week by Mysterious Universe, on October 22, 2022, Azul flight 4517 was approaching its destination of the Salgado Filho Porto Alegre International Airport on the Atlantic coast when its pilots reported seeing a UFO making strange movements – audio of the encounter was recorded and uploaded to YouTube. This week, AEROIN, the largest aviation website in Brazil and Latin America, reveals (in Portuguese) that four Azul flights and one GOL airliner saw a similar UFOs on the night of October 31 — audio captured by the Youtube channel “Câmera Aeroporto Salgado Filho BrAmigos” which broadcasts live the movement at Porto Alegre International Airport and air traffic control in the region, was uploaded on November 1 (watch it here). According to AEROIN, “All 5 pilots were instructed to call the Air Defense Command and report the incident, a standard procedure in this type of occurrence.” While the Câmera Aeroporto Salgado Filho BrAmigos channel gives a detailed description of the encounters, it offers no explanation. The same is true at AEROIN.

“The whole event started about Midnight EST in the Colorado area. We were heading west on about an 85* heading at 35,000 ft going 078 Mach around 540 mph. The entire event started just to the right of the Big Dipper with a falling star traveling multiple thousands of miles/hr and immediately after, the craft appeared. First one was a larger one, then a smaller one that came from the left to meet up, then the original moved back to the left where they finally stopped moving for over an hr. The large craft stayed in one spot as the other 2 moved around. The final video shows them in a triangle which lasted about 20mins. We were given a new heading to the left and lost site for the remainder of the night on 10/19/22.”

Meanwhile, in the U.S., documentary filmmaker and UFO investigator Jeremy Corbell released a video taken by an experienced commercial pilot on October 19, 2022, while flying over Colorado. The pilot remained anonymous for fear over his job – despite having 42 years of experience. This sighting (watch the video here) follows others reported here this month by multiple commercial pilots who claimed to see UFOs traveling in oval “racetrack” loops over the Pacific.

Moving on to Oklahoma …

“The flight officer who responded to the transmission over the radio just repeated what Air Traffic Control told him, “please be on the lookout for any strange activity you see in the area, and if so report back to us. We’ve gotten dispatched from several pilots about UFO-like objects flying around in the surrounding areas.”

Liberation Times reports that multiple commercial aircraft encountered unidentified aerial phenomena on October 2, 2022, over Oklahoma – incidents that left one experienced crew member “scared speechless.” In a video uploaded to YouTube (see it here), the crew of an American Airlines flight sounded reassured that they weren’t the only ones seeing the UAPs — “Alright, then we’re not crazy then, I think,” – and speculated that they could be related to Whiteman Air Force Base in nearby Warrensburg, Missouri. However, air traffic control pointed out that the UAP was in the wrong direction. A Delta pilot is heard doubting this is a military plane:

“Unless they’re doing 360s with their lights on, I don’t know what else it is.”

An anonymous flight attendant said other flight attendants saw this and other UAPs and a pilot was overheard commenting:

“Yea, there’s definitely something else out here with us, plenty of pilots have witnessed it and I come from a military background so I’ve always known about it.”

That leads to the question: Who else knows about it? One person who does is US Representative from Tennessee Tim Burchett, who has been calling for more UAP disclosure by the Department of Defense and has doubts about the Pentagon’s UFO briefings. Burchett recently told The Daily Star he is especially concerned about the safety of military and commercial airline pilots with military backgrounds.

“Plenty of military pilots have reported UAP encounters that have no logical explanation. Some of them have warned it was only a matter of time before an aircraft got into a mid-air collision with an unexplained object. Yet despite these warnings and reports the first standardized reporting structure wasn’t established until 2019. Our government has been surprisingly quiet about the topic for many decades despite the many reports.”

How close is too close?

Burchett is in a position where he can at least influence, if not change, the policies of the U.S. government in regards to UFO encounters by military and commercial pilots. The late Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is a good example of a U.S. politician who had an impact on UFO  investigations – helping to finance the original secret task force researching UAP encounters. Perhaps Tim Burchett could take up where Reid left off.

As always, it is sad and disconcerting that experienced pilots – both military and commercial – are not respected when they come forward with their ever-growing numbers of UFO encounters. They have videos and other witnesses and they’ve discussed the encounters with other pilots and with air traffic controllers. From the tone of their audio reports, they are concerned for the safety of their passengers and crews. Why isn’t their government?

Is it only a matter of time before a plane and a UFO collide? Must we have tragedy in order to have progress?

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