UFO Conferences: Are “They” Sitting In The Audiences? Yes, “They” Are!

Have you ever wondered if, when you sit in the audience at a UFO conference, “they” might be listening in, too? I’m talking about people in government, of course. I can assure you it happens on many occasions. As you’ll see now. Let’s begin with the most controversial of all the Contactees of the 1950s: George Adamski. In 1950, in Los Angeles, Adamski gave a lecture about how and why the Russian way of life was a good one. The FBI already knew that Adamski was a controversial character – to say the least. But, on the second time, the FBI were waiting. They had agents in the audience who reported back to J. Edgar Hoover. And here’s what the FBI reported back to FBI HQ: “Adamski, during this conversation, made the prediction that Russia will dominate the world and we will then have an era of peace for 1,000 years [italics mine]. He stated that Russia already has the atom bomb and the hydrogen bomb and that the great earthquake, which was reported behind the Iron Curtain recently, was actually a hydrogen bomb explosion being tried out by the Russians. Adamski states this “earthquake” broke seismograph machines and he added that no normal earthquake can do that.”

The FBI continued to listen: “Adamski stated that within the next twelve months, San Diego will be bombed. Adamski stated that it does not make any difference if the United States has more atom bombs than Russia inasmuch as Russia needs only ten atom bombs to cripple the United States by placing these simultaneously on such spots as Chicago and other vital centers of this country [italics mine]. Adamski further stated the United States today is in the same state of deterioration as was the Roman Empire prior to its collapse and it will fall just as the Roman Empire did. He stated the Government in this country is a corrupt form of government and capitalists are enslaving the labor.” Of course, based on what Adamski said in a public forum, it was totally obvious the FBI would have people watching him.

Now, let’s have a look at another of the Contactees: George Van Tassel. On April 17, 1960, Van Tassel gave a lengthy speech at the Phipps Auditorium, Denver, Colorado, having been invited by the Denver Unidentified Flying Objects Investigative Society. To ensure that the lecture was a success, the society took out advertising time on local radio, that caught the attention of the Denver FBI, who subsequently directed a special agent to attend and report back the details of Van Tassel’s talk, which he did and in great detail:  “The program consisted of a 45 minute movie which included several shots of things purported to be flying saucers, and then a number of interviews with people from all walks of life regarding sightings they had made of such unidentified flying objects. After the movie George Van Tassel gave a lecture which was more of a religious-economics lecture than one of unidentified flying objects. Van Tassel stated that he had been in the ‘flying game’ for over 30 years and currently operates a private Civil Aeronautics Authority approved airfield in California. He said he has personally observed a good many sightings and has talked to hundreds of people who have also seen flying saucers. He said that he has also been visited by the people from outer space and has taken up the cause of bringing the facts of these people to the American people. He said it is a crusade which he has undertaken because he is more of less retired, his family is grown and gone from home, and he feels he might be doing some good by this work.”

George Van Tassel’s legendary Integratron

The FBI agent in the audience wrote: “The major part of his lecture was devoted to explaining the occurrences in the Bible as they related to the space people. He said that the only mention of God in the Bible is in the beginning when the universe was being made. He said that after that all references are to ‘out of the sky’ or ‘out of heaven.’ “He said that this is due to the fact that man, space people, was made by God [sic] and that in the beginning of the world the space people came to the earth and left animals here. These were the prehistoric animals which existed at a body temperature of 105 degrees; however a polar tilt occurred whereby the poles shifted and  the tropical climates became covered with ice and vice versa.” Van Tassel then suggested that to ensure life on Earth continued following the Ice Age, his alien visitors populated the planet with other species of animals, and that it was this action that led to the legend of Noah’s Ark. On the issue of other Biblical tales and legends, he continued, as the FBI noted carefully: “[A]fter the polar tilt the temperature to sustain life was 98.6 degrees, which was suitable for space people, so they established a colony and left only males here, intending to bring females at a latter date on supply ships. This is reflected in Adam not having a wife. He said that Adam was not an individual but a race of men.

Now, let’s turn our attentions to the matter of cattle mutilations. The FBI dispatched agents to attend a conference on the subject of catle mutilations that was held on 20 April 1979 at the Albuquerque Public Library. A report to FBI headquarters from Albuquerque, dated 25 April 1979, outlined the flavor of the conference, and addressed the various opinions of those in attendance: “Forrest S. Putman, Special Agent in Charge (SAC), Albuquerque Office of the FBI, explained to the conference that the Justice Department had given the FBI authority to investigate those cattle mutilations which have occurred or might occur on Indian lands. He further explained that the Albuquerque FBI would look at such mutilations in connection with mutilations occurring off Indian lands for the purpose of comparison and control, especially where the same methods of operation are noted. SAC Putman said that in order for this matter to be resolved, the facts surrounding such mutilations should be gathered and computerized.”

The FBI agent in the audience continued: “District Attorney Eloy Martinez, Santa Fe, New Mexico, told the conference that his judicial district had made application for a $50,000 Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA) Grant for the purpose of investigating the cattle mutilations. He explained that there is hope that with the funds from this grant, an investigative unit can be established for the sole purpose of resolving the mutilation problem. He said it is his view that such an investigative unit could serve as a headquarters for all law enforcement officials investigating the mutilations and, in particular, would serve as a repository for information developed in order that this information could be coordinated properly. He said such a unit would not only coordinate this information, but also handle submissions to a qualified lab for both evidence and photographs. Mr. Martinez said a hearing will be held on April 24, 1979, for the purpose of determining whether this grant will be approved. Gabe Valdez, New Mexico State Police, Dulce, New Mexico, reported he has investigated the death of 90 cattle during the past three years, as well as six horses. Officer Valdez said he is convinced that the mutilations of the animals have not been the work of predators because of the precise manner of the cuts. Officer Valdez said he had investigated mutilations of several animals which had occurred on the ranch of Manuel Gomez of Dulce, New Mexico.”

And, there’s still more: The FBI said: “Tom Adams of Paris, Texas, who has been independently examining mutilations for six years, said his investigation has shown that helicopters are almost always observed in the area of the mutilations. He said that the helicopters do not have identifying markings and they fly at abnormal, unsafe, or illegal altitudes. Dr. Peter Van Arsdale, Ph. D., Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Denver, suggested that those investigating the cattle mutilations take a systematic approach and look at all types of evidence is discounting any of the theories such as responsibility by extraterrestrial visitors or satanic cults. Richard Sigismund, Social Scientist, Boulder, Colorado, presented an argument which advanced the theory that the cattle mutilations are possibly related to activity of UFOs. Numerous other persons made similar type presentations expounding on their theories regarding the possibility that the mutilations are the responsibility of extraterrestrial visitors, members of Satanic cults, or some unknown government agency. Dr. Richard Prine, Forensic Veterinarian, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory (LASL), Los Alamos, New Mexico, discounted the possibility that the mutilations had been done by anything but predators. He said he had examined six carcasses and in his opinion predators were responsible for the mutilation of all six.

And finally, when it comes to cattle mutilations, there are these next words that show just how deep the surveillance of the mutilation conference went. The FBI agent reported back to HQ: “Dr. Claire Hibbs, a representative of the State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico, said he recently came to New Mexico, but that prior to that he examined some mutilation findings in Kansas and Nebraska. Dr. Hibbs said the mutilations fell into three categories: animals killed and mutilated by predators and scavengers, animals mutilated after death by ‘sharp instruments’ and animals mutilated by pranksters. Tommy Blann, Lewisville, Texas, told the conference he has been studying UFO activities for twenty-two years and mutilations for twelve years. He explained that animal mutilations date back to the early 1800’s in England and Scotland. He also pointed out that animal mutilations are not confined to cattle, but cited incidents of mutilation of horses, dogs, sheep, and rabbits. He also said the mutilations are not only nationwide, but international in scope. Chief Raleigh Tafoya, Jicarilla Apache Tribe, and Walter Dasheno, Governor, Santa Clara Pueblo, each spoke briefly to the conference. Both spoke of the cattle which had been found mutilated on their respective Indian lands. Chief Tafoya said some of his people who have lost livestock have been threatened.Carl W. Whiteside, Investigator, Colorado Bureau of Investigation, told the conference that between April and December 1975, his Bureau investigated 203 reports of cattle mutilations.”

Now, let’s jump to the 1990s. From 1992 and 1993, come three other examples of official interest in monitoring conferences that had UFO themes or connections. For example, American Government agents were in attendance at the first European meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration, which was held on August 7-8, 1992, in Munich, and that had the UFO subject on its agenda. A three-page document pertaining to the conference, originally classified at Secret level, was made available to me under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act by the Defense Intelligence Agency in 1993. Its contents make for interesting reading: “The expressed aim of the SSE meeting was to promote the exchange of ideas, results and goals among researchers in various fields of anomalies, and inform the public of the discussion among active scientists concerning current controversial issues. Papers and communications were in English, and German language abstracts of the various parapsychology (PS) papers presented were distributed at the beginning of the meeting.The conference sessions examined PSI and other extraordinary mental phenomena, crop circles (were they messages or hoaxes), geophysical variables and their influences on human behavior, astro-psychology, the Earth and unidentified flying objects (UFO), and additional highlights, to include near death experiences (NDE).”

Similarly, on 8 October 1993, following a routine FOIA request submitted to the Defense Intelligence Agency, I received a number of UFO records that had then recently been declassified by the State Department. Notably, one of those documents – dated 1992 – dealt with an official reference to a UFO conference in China that was the subject of official interest to the American Intelligence community. According to the document: “China Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) Research Organization hosts national conference in Beijing on 11 May. The organization hopes that China will be selected to host the first world UFO conference, which is scheduled for 1993. More than 200 Chinese researchers are attending the conference to study reports of flying saucers or ‘Fei Die’ in China. About 5,000 UFO sightings have been reported in China in the past 20 years.” Copies of this document were forwarded to a number of departments within the American Government, Intelligence community and military, including the National Security Agency, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the CIA and the American Embassy in Beijing. Most notable of all, the DIA also flashed a copy of the report, via electronic signal, to the British Ministry of Defense’s Defense Intelligence Staff (DIS) in London.

The U.K.’s Ministry of Defense

An integral part of the MoD, the DIS was created on 1 April 1964 out of the amalgamation of the pre-1964 service intelligence branches and the Joint Intelligence Bureau, and now serves as a unified body able to serve the MoD, the Armed Forces, and a variety of other Government departments. Broadly speaking, the DIS carries out the same functions as that of its predecessors, Army, Navy and Air Intelligence. That is, to provide the MoD with a central and unified intelligence organization that can provide objective assessments of defense intelligence matters in both peacetime and wartime. Its primary function is to give warning of preparations for war by a potential enemy. Much of the work of the DIS is devoted to military issues such as tactics, orders of battle (known as ORBATS), and weapons and capabilities. Other areas are covered to ensure a more complete picture, and these include science and technology, nuclear, chemical and biological capabilities, arms traffic, and the control and verification and economic aspects of defense. In 1989, Clive Neville of the MoD had informed me that: “…we are only interested in reported [UFO] sightings which occur in the airspace of the United Kingdom.” Therefore, this raises an important question: Why was the MoD’s Defense Intelligence Staff receiving official briefings relating to UFO conferences held on the other side of the world? Not surprisingly, the DIS refused to discuss this matter with me. And, this is just a small amount of such surveillance at UFO-themed conferences. Remember that!

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