Amid Reports About Mysterious Lights (UFOs), FAB Conducts War Training in the Sky of RS “FAB Plane ‘DESAPARECE’ in Santa Catarina”


In successive notes regarding the sighting of mysterious lights on the outskirts of Porto Alegre, reported by commercial pilots in recent days, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) has reported that airspace control is within normal limits, “with no record of occurrence aeronautics” or the identification of an unknown object by air defense radars. But there is an intriguing coincidence: there is a congruence between some dates of the records of sightings of the lights, started on Friday (5), and the beginning of an exercise of war training, which involves more than 800 military personnel and 50 aircraft in southern Brazil.

The FAB maneuvers began on Monday (7th) and will continue until November 25th. On at least two of the five days of consecutive reports of views by pilots there is congruence between the records and air operations.

Entitled Joint Escudo-Tínia Exercise, the action is conducted by the Canoas Air Base. Maneuvers of escort actions, aerial reconnaissance, flight control and alarm, attack, sweep, in-flight refueling, air communication post, air and anti-air defense and logistical air transport are practiced.

According to the FAB website, it is noteworthy that the mobilization started last week, even before the 7th: “The mobilization for Excon started last week with the presence of KC-130 and KC-390 planes at Baco (Air Base of canoes). On Saturday (5), the Airbus KC-30 of the Corsário Squadron made its first operation at Salgado Filho Airport, in Porto Alegre, transporting military personnel and materials for the exercise”.

At the very least, this means that, from last week and for the next few days, there will be fighter planes across the state sky: in addition to the KC (air refueling), F-5M Tiger II, AMX A-1M and A-29 Super fighters Toucan. Also participating in the operation, Black Hawk helicopters and remotely piloted aircraft (drones) RQ-450 and RQ-900.

However, it is not possible to confirm that the lights seen by commercial pilots come from the military operation. The column is questioning the FAB about this and awaits a response.

In addition to the Canoas Air Base, the military operation takes place at the Santa Maria Air Base and in the city of Santana da Boa Vista, in the central region of RS. The exercise has been running since 2019 and, of course, was already planned before reports of mysterious lights in the sky were made by commercial pilots.

Off-line information obtained by the column shows that a pilot of the KC-390, which is usually positioned between Santa Maria and Canoas, would have seen the lights during a night flight. The radar at that time did not register the presence of aircraft in the position.
Breaking News:

Azul and Latam pilots report seeing Lights in the Sky of Santa Catarina!!

FAB plane Disappears Without Leaving a Trace in Santa Catarina!!

The Brazilian Air Force recently reported that an aircraft that was part of the fleet disappeared in the greater Florianópolis region.

Coincidence? Or Abduction?


The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) plane, which lost signal last Friday (4) while flying over the coast of Santa Catarina, was found this Saturday morning in the Rolador neighborhood, in Santa Catarina.

The two soldiers who crewed the aircraft died in the accident, informed the Civil Defense of Canelinha, the municipality where the wreckage of the T-25 Universal aircraft fell.

In a statement, the FAB said it regretted the death of the crew, who were performing a training flight.

“The Air Force Command expresses its condolences and emphasizes that it is providing all the support to the family at this time of sorrow. It also informs that it will investigate the accident,” the military body said in a statement.

Rescue teams from the Balneário Camboriú Military Police are at the scene. Source: CNN Brasil


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