The strange alien medallion that was discovered in an Egyptian tomb

The ancient kings and monarchs of our planet had contact with extraterrestrials.
The video you are about to watch contains one of the most mysterious discoveries ever made. Professor Wynwood was the one who stumbled over the details. From what we have seen, the ancient kings and monarchs of our planet had contact with aliens.

This could explain why Egyptian characters like Thoth and Orus appear in certain symbols. The amulet has one or more hollow eyes and behind them is a ship-shaped structure.

The glass tubes next to it mimic cylindrical structures, as if they were meant to contain everything.

The film also shows a strange medallion found in an Egyptian temple. It has alien features in every feature, reinforcing the theory that aliens made peace with the pharaohs and ruled Egypt from the shadows.

Professor Winwood is accused of removing artifacts from the tomb and then releasing them years later in a book. The missing items were sent to a museum for safekeeping after this scholar, who was also an archaeologist, was captured.

He consider the video below and draw his own conclusions from it.

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