Conscious contactee talks about the presence of UFOs on this planet

Does Earth have any UFO activity going on? A conscious contactee claims there is little doubt that it is real.

Any denial of Dolly Safran’s existence is, in fact, absurd in his eyes.

Safran is a conscious contactee, as the term implies. She remembers her UFO contact experiences, in other words.

Regression therapy would be necessary for most contacts to remind them of what happened.

Dolly Safran, on the other hand, has a unique experience, she has had a lifetime of interaction, including being taken to other planets.

Preston Dennett, a renowned UFO researcher and author, is a difficult man to persuade. But when he read Safran’s account, something in him seemed to push him to “take a shot.”

Safran was initially covered in a chapter of an earlier book by Dennett called True UFO Encounters. However, as their relationship grew more trusting, Dennett began to reveal more of what she had seen and was still seeing.

Dennett consequently came to the conclusion that a book on Safran’s contact experiences was needed. This year, Symmetry: A True UFO Adventure was published.

Remarkable relationship of a conscious contactee with ETs
Dennett understood that he was under a lot of pressure to share Safran’s narrative. Safran was a little hesitant to discuss what had happened to him before they met.

Details do matter, though, once you start getting weekly visits from extraterrestrials.

Saffron also had the power to recall their encounters at will because he was a conscious contactee.

Dennett first failed to recognize the significance of his story.

“Not at first. She was initially quite hesitant and cautious, I have to admit. I had forgotten how long her story was until recently.

She also tended to overlook important things while I was interviewing her. You just described being transported to another world in three sentences, I said. I could write a book on the subject. Could you please elaborate more?

“She expressed regret and apologized. I’ve lived my whole life hiding it. I’ve conditioned myself to be quiet about it .it’s really challenging’

She was subjected to some mockery and skepticism as a child within her own family.

They kept it a secret from everyone, as many contactees do. I was unaware of her breadth of experience.

In a chapter of an earlier book called UFO Encounters On Board, I actually recounted her experience.

She also openly acknowledged that there were many things she hadn’t told me about. I had no idea how much.

But she started to open up more when she read the chapter and saw how I represented her narrative.

Lessons Learned by a Conscious Contactee
A disastrous event or series of calamities is imminent for humanity. It’s just a matter of time if you’re paying attention to what’s going on in the world.

Safran received a lot of instructions from his mostly gray ET visitors.

Safran claims that ETs are not here to harm us, rather, they are here to help humanity in a new phase and teach us about life outside our solar system.

She had several messages. She was largely founded on morality and ethics when she was younger.

“They suggested that we should focus on that because it’s a challenge humanity is currently facing.”

“Enhancing our psychic talents is another extremely clear message. They have a very strong agenda with it. It’s one of their main areas of interest.

They believe that what is missing is the ability to learn telepathy, astral travel, healing, precognition and remembering previous lives.

While technology is advancing, spirituality is lagging behind.

“Our planet is undergoing change, which is a powerful message. Dolly has been told by the extraterrestrials that we are at the conclusion of a 120 year cycle. Our solar system is being destroyed by our sun.

“They deal with magnetic pole reversals, coronal mass ejections, or CMEs, and the possibility of a Micronova. The Carrington event, which brought down the telegraph system in the 1850s, will be quite similar to the catastrophic coronal mass ejection that will result from it.

“This has the potential to disrupt and shut down our own electricity infrastructures. All satellites can be destroyed, leaving us without power or electricity. So their message is that we should be ready for it.

An interview with Preston Dennett
Preston Dennett goes into more detail about Safran’s experiences in the interview that follows.

He explains how it’s possible that her ET visitors treated her well. He also explains why she is able to recall her experiences because she was a conscious contactee.

In addition, Dennett notes some of her adventures, such as being allowed to command one of her ships and visit other planets.


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