The Cochno Stone: A 5,000-Year-Old Star Map Discovered In 1887

The Cochno Stone: A 5,000-year-old star map discovered in 1887
Archaeologists cannot confirm what exactly is depicted on the massive slab. But if one believes these could be images of planets and stars, tribal symbols, signs of border symbols, representations of the celestial sphere or crevices that contained liquids in ritual celebrations. Among hundreds of other proposed explanations, oh they could just be pictures for decoration. The Cochno Stone: A 5,000-year-old star map discovered in 1887

The Cochno Stone, found in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, contains the best example of a Bronze Age carved chalice and ring in Europe. This stone features hundreds of fluted spirals, carved indentations, geometric shapes, and enigmatic patterns of various kinds. Which in fact, keep the scientific community totally baffled. Since they think that they could be the evidence of an advanced civilization totally unknown to us.

Documentation for the first time of the Cochno stone
The Cochno stone was first documented in 1887 by the Rev. James Harvey. And 78 years later, specifically in 1965, the stone was buried again to protect it from Vandalism and from the curious who wanted to get hold of it.

la piedra de Cochno

The Reverend James Harvey found the 13 x 8 meter stone in 1887 in fields near what is now the Faifley housing complex, on the outskirts of Clydebank. It has around 90 carved notches known as “cup” and “ring” marks. Tumbler and ring marks are a type of ancient art consisting of a concave indentation cut into the surface of a rock, sometimes surrounded by concentric circles also etched into the stone.

The artworks appear as petroglyphs on rocks and natural outcrops. As well as in megaliths such as slab coffins, stone rings and passage tombs. In the strange stone we can see a peculiar map. In which we can see the north of England, Scotland, Ireland, Portugal, northwestern Spain, northwestern Italy, central Greece and Switzerland. They are the most common locations. However, comparable varieties have been discovered around the world, including in Mexico, Brazil, and India.

A sketch of the Cochno Stone by W. A. ​​Donnelly in 1895
The nearly 5,000-year-old bowl and ring markings on the Cochno Stone. They are accompanied by a pre-Christian cross engraved in an oval and two pairs of carved footprints, each with only four toes. The Cochno Stone has been declared a Scheduled Ancient Monument due to its many signs. So now it is of national importance.

El misterio de la Piedra de Cochno en escocia

Archaeologists cannot confirm what exactly is depicted on the massive slab, with details such as planets and stars. They have even forgotten the original meaning of the Cochno Stone. So many theorists have made various speculations about what their function could have been.

Some have even claimed that the slab is actually a portal of life and death, symbolizing rebirth. While some archaeologists have theorized that the intricate drawings of domes, lines, and rings are an ancient expression of rock art found in many parts of the world.

Experts believe that the stone dates back to the Bronze Age
Experts say the symbols date back to the Neolithic and early Bronze Age. But there are some clues that go back to the Iron Age. Researcher Alexander McCallum proposed that the Cochno Stone is a map showing other settlements in the Clyde Valley.

According to Alexander, the incredible markings are reminiscent of the gigantic crop circles that have so often been attributed to extraterrestrial civilizations. In recent years, the Cochno Stone has been excavated, examined, and buried several times by archaeologists. They excavated the site and used modern surveying and photography (3D imaging technology) to record the artwork in the hope that the vast amount of data they were able to collect will help other researchers try to interpret these enigmatic ancient lines. Therefore, the mysterious meaning of the Cochno stone messages remains an unsolved mystery to this day.


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