Agartha: Is this subterranean civilization described in ancient texts real?

Legend has it that there are several places on earth where there are supposed to be entrances to an underground city called Agartha. Many people think that it is the abode of the “agarthans”, or “ancient”, an evolved human race. These individuals are described in various myths as the original inhabitants of Earth who fled underground because of a natural calamity or hostile surface occupants.

Agartha is often referred to as Shambhala, a comparable underground city inhabited by enlightened individuals and guarded by fearsome creatures known as “chills”. Varanasi, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, is a holy city in northern India and is known as Shambhala in Buddhist teachings.

Agartha: Essa civilização subterrânea descrita em textos antigos é real? 1

If you’ve heard of Agartha, you might be surprised to learn that several real places on Earth have names that sound remarkably similar, such as Agharti (Armenia), Agadsir (Morocco) and Agar (Russia).

Many people assume it must be some form of fiction because the existence of such a beautiful place seems so strange. However, there are numerous signs that suggest this is more than just a myth.

Agartha – the mysterious underground civilization
Different cultures have countless stories about tunnels and underground settlements that exist beneath the Earth’s surface. Pliny the Elder, a Roman naturalist, even mentioned the people who fled to the Earth’s core after Atlantis was destroyed.

Agartha (or Agharti) is the name given to the underworld, which is a place where the four corners of the globe are connected by routes and tunnels. Even some Agarthan worshipers claim that there is a world below us and it balances our energy.

This world that crawls under the ground is, to put it simply, the opposite of the one we live in, a world of heightened emotions, violence and extreme ideologies. However, Agartha is considered a place full of monsters and demons by some religions.

Because of their conviction that part of the Earth’s enigmatic deep core is actually a functioning civilization and not a solid ball of iron as scientists believe, those who believe in Agartha are often called “Hollow Earth”.

O Mapa Oco Da Terra Por Max Fyfield

They hold the opinion that the Gobi Desert hides a hidden entrance to Agartha. It is believed that the Agarthans themselves built this entrance using highly developed technology, making it impossible for surface humans to find it.

There are many cities within Agartha, with Shambala serving as its capital. The Agarthans are given light and vitality by a hazy “central sun” at the center. The promise of this universe, according to French occultist Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre, can only be realized “when the anarchy of our planet is replaced by synarchy” (harmonious rule).

A mysterious satellite image published by ESSA

Imagem de satélite ESSA-7 mostra buraco gigante no pólo norte

The US Environmental Science Service Administration (ESSA) issued satellite photographs of the North Pole in 1970, and one image revealed a perfectly circular hole over the Arctic. This has led some conspiracy theorists to think that subterranean civilizations existed. “Agartha” is sometimes connected to the underworld.

Agartha in the accounts of Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd

During an expedition to the North and South Poles, Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd reportedly wrote about his encounter with a forgotten civilization. He found the ancient race underground and saw a vast base with creatures and flora that were previously believed to be extinct, according to his secret entrance. He spotted creatures that looked like mammoths among the animals.

Byrd reportedly discovered a warm, lush habitat with mammoth-like creatures and an ancient human culture that lived inside the Earth, according to a diary allegedly written during his arctic journey.

People in the center of the Earth intercepted his plane with disc-shaped aircraft, took control of it in the air and made it land for them. He was greeted by representatives of a culture that many believe to be legendary Agartha when he landed. These alleged Agarthans expressed their disapproval of humanity’s deployment of atomic weapons during WWII and named Byrd as their envoy to convey their feelings to the US government.

He mentioned that the government instructed him to keep quiet about what he saw while on a mission in the Arctic. In his diary of March 11, 1947, Admiral Byrd noted:

I just attended a staff meeting at the Pentagon. I fully affirmed my discovery and the Master’s message. Everything is properly registered. The president has been notified. I am now detained for several hours (six hours, thirty-nine minutes, to be exact). I am interviewed closely by the Higher Security Forces and a medical team. It was an ordeal!!!! I am under strict control through the National Security provisions of the United States of America. I am commanded to remain silent about all that I have learned, in the name of humanity!!! Incredible! I remember that I am a military man and I must obey orders.”

Richard Evelyn Byrd Jr
The date of the journal entry, which falls between February and March 1947, is the most obvious problem with its veracity. One need only look at the exact date that Byrd accomplished this achievement over 20 years earlier, on May 9, 1926, to believe that this story refers to his first flight over the North Pole.

Further investigation revealed that Byrd likely did not truly reach the North Pole, but created his navigation data to steal credit from another team that set the mark a few days later.

But what makes this entry so intriguing is the possibility that, if correct, it could have been confused with information from a subsequent trip to Antarctica. Is the infamous “Operation Highjump” being discussed here?

With nearly 4,000 employees assigned to study, map and live in Antarctica for eight months, Highjump was one of the largest operations ever carried out there. 13 Navy support ships, an aircraft carrier, a variety of more conventional aircraft, seaplanes and helicopters were part of the operation.

This expedition established an American military presence in Antarctica, which is now banned, as well as the subsequent “Operation Deep Freeze” eight years later. Why, then, was there such a rush to make this job possible?

Nazi connections to Agartha!
These speculations are at least partially justified by the overwhelming evidence that the Nazis invested heavily in looking for Agartha as a last option for Hitler to flee in case of an urgent situation. In fact, a German scientist created the most frequently used Agartha diagram in 1935.

Was Agartha linked to ancient cultures?

Agartha estava ligada a culturas antigas?

Almost all ancient societies have a myth or metaphor for the Earth’s interior, as well as societies or individuals who live there. Some civilizations have more accurate descriptions of Agartha, including nearby cities and access routes.

According to Tibetan Buddhism, there is a hidden, mystical city called Shambhala that has been sought after by many, including Russian mystic Nicholas Roerich, but no one has located it. Some people think that Shambhala and Agartha might be related.

There are underground tunnels and portals to extraterrestrial planets in Hindu and Celtic folklore, which some think have an early connection thanks to a lost antediluvian metropolis. Some have linked the epic conflict described in the Mahabharata with the Hindu nation of Ryvarta, also known as the “abode of the excellent”, which was ruled by a celestial race thousands of years earlier.

The ancient civilizations of Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu that perished in battles and catastrophic disasters, pushing them underground into Agartha, are considered by many to have ancestry with this race.

Um desenho transversal do planeta Terra mostrando o “Mundo Interior” de Atvatabar
A cross-sectional drawing of planet Earth showing the “Inner World” of Atvatabar, from William R. Bradshaw’s 1892 science fiction novel The Goddess of Atvatabar © Wikimedia Commons

Others allude to the Hindu Mahabharata’s “Patala” underworld, which is claimed to be in battle with the Agarthans, but bears many similarities to depictions of an underworld.

According to Hindu mythology, Patala is the seventh stratum of the underworld. It is ruled by the “naga”, a species of half-human, half-reptilian creatures that are depicted wearing jeweled hoods that light up their domain. The Naga are an extremely technologically advanced race. While some accounts claim that they occasionally kidnap, torture and kill people, others say they have a positive influence on what happens on Earth.

Last words
But, what is Agartha? Many individuals have pondered this matter over the years, and there are numerous hypotheses about this enigmatic subterranean civilization. Most of them adhere to a New Age worldview and emphasize spiritual ideas and unity. But if it’s real?

According to ancient writings, Agartha is the place where the souls of individuals who committed great crimes would spend eternity. According to the writings, it is a place where gods reside and where “soul doctors” are thought to protect you from demons. Furthermore, this is the land from which the ancient Aryans sought knowledge and enlightenment. It is believed to be the site of the inner wisdom of the ancients.

Agarthas are those who have dedicated their lives to discovering the mysteries of the cosmos and who can help us solve our own difficulties and achieve inner harmony and tranquility. It is said that the journey to the location of light is extremely difficult, expensive and long. As a result, many people decide to continue living in their comfortable surroundings while working towards their goal.

Even though it’s possible that we may never fully understand Agartha, there are several signs that suggest this enigmatic civilization may not be entirely invented.

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