Helicopter Pilot Reports UFO Spotted With Night Vision

At around 9:00 pm on Saturday, March 16, 2019, a conversation between the pilot of an air ambulance helicopter and a control tower in Las Vegas revealed the sighting of a UFO visible only with the aid of night vision goggles.

According to a recording the pilot who was flying an AW119 Koala helicopter made a radio call to ask if ground control had anything on their radar flying at about 7,000 feet altitude (2150 meters), 14 kilometers west of the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport.

The air traffic controller quickly responded saying that there was nothing in that area, so the pilot stated that the object was only visible using his infrared night vision goggles.

The short interaction was recently uploaded to SoundCloud and can be heard below.

The phenomenon was investigated by military technology expert Tyler Rogoway who is always aware of the strange and inexplicable things that happen in the world of aviation.

The mystery in Rogoway’s investigation began when he tried to contact Air Methods’ headquarters for the helicopter company and its base of operations to speak with the pilot and was met with resistance.

Rogoway was informed that the company could not comment and that the pilot was banned from talking about the event and was redirected to someone else within the company who did not provide him with any response.

Although in the recording the pilot believed the object could be a hot air balloon, several comments on Rogoway’s article suggest that this possibility seems highly unlikely in airspace with heavy traffic in the middle of the night. Also the average altitude that hot air balloons normally reach is between 1,000 and 3,000 feet (300 to 900 meters) and it should be a big enough balloon to be observable from 14 kilometers away.

Others pointed to the fact that Las Vegas is not too far from the notorious Groom Lake Air Force base also known as Area 51 and could be some sort of secret aircraft with stealth technology being tested by the military. So far, no official explanation has been offered.


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