Orbs Fly Near Commercial Passenger Airplane On Approach Dallas, Texas, USA

Now here is a new interesting video from an eyewitness. The person was flying on a passenger jet when he was filming himself and the clouds outside and accidentally captured some unusual lights that seem to be moving towards the aircraft on the date of March 7, 2022.

The video is short, they didn’t see the object until they reviewed the video. I’ve been on commercial passenger flights flying to over 12 different countries and I know for sure that it’s not lights reflecting off the overhead reading area. Therefore the reflection is discarded. Yet the objects seem to move forward, as if they saw that someone on the aircraft was holding a camera and wanted to be seen.
Scott C. Waring – Taiwan

Eyewitness Declares:
My family and I live in Dayton, Ohio. On 7/3/2022 we left Cincinnati and at around 10:47 am my son and I were preparing to land in Dallas, Texas for a layover to connect with our final flight to SNA Airport in Santa Anna, California.

My son was sitting in the window but said looking out was giving him a headache. We made a video to send to our family and friends that we were going to visit. I held my phone over my son to catch a glimpse of the clouds during the video but he wasn’t physically looking as he was in the aisle seat. I just passed my phone through my son. I never fully watched the video to the end and my phone died as soon as we landed so the video never uploaded.

We ended up just plugging our phones in and calling as I recall. When I watched the video until the end I was shocked to find 3 objects or spheres outside the plane window. Over the course of last night 11/11/22 my husband, son and I tried to debunk this. I decided to submit a report because I’m still not sure. There appears to be a trail in an object, a rapid descent from the top object and a change in direction. My flash wasn’t on and I can’t imagine what that could be.

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