Police Photograph UFO Being Pursued By Coast Guard Plane Off Anna Maria Island, Florida

Bradenton Beach Police Officer Charles Morose took a picture of a US Coast Guard plane that appeared to be following a strange flying object over Coquina Beach. Credit: Charles Morose/AMI Sun.

Anna Maria Island off the coast of Manatee County, Florida is known for its heavy tourism. But could some of these tourists come from another world? Perhaps if we take a look at this photograph.
It was taken by a Bradenton Beach police officer while patrolling Coquina Beach on the morning of November 5th.

“I saw a Coast Guard plane fly over the bay, then I saw it go back into the gulf. I was like “what the hell is that” when I looked up and saw this big black thing in the sky,” said Officer Charles Morose. “I estimate based on the size of the plane in the sky it was at least the size of a car , or maybe a small plane.”

Morose believes the Coast Guard plane must have seen the object because it changed course and headed back into the gulf apparently following the unidentified. He mentioned that after the plane started tracking the object that was almost immobile when it first observed it, its speed and trajectory changed rapidly.

“That thing had to be moving at least 500 mph,” Morose said. “It just shot like a rocket towards the horizon and disappeared. I’m not a UFO conspiracy theorist and I’m not saying it was out of space or anything like that, but there was something weird up there.”

The officer said that although he has no idea what was in the air over Coquina, he can assure you it wasn’t a drone or an animal as he passes through that area every day and knows how drones fly and is well versed. the birds that live on the island. For him it is an interesting – close – encounter with something strange and will likely remain a mystery.

Local newspaper Anna María Sun contacted the Coast Guard detachment from Cortez inquiring about the incident. After insisting and calling several departments, they were informed that they would contact them if they had any information claiming that there was no record of incidents in the area at the date and time communicated by Morose… Cover-up?

UFO hot spot

It is known that UFO activity often intensifies in areas close to the sea or large bodies of water. Some researchers say this indicates that the mystery objects are “transmedia” and may have underwater or underwater bases right here on Earth.

And UFO sightings on Florida’s barrier island are apparently quite common.


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