BRAZIL – Mysterious Lights Are Seen Again in the Sky over Porto Alegre, “Pilots Report Sightings”

I live right in front of the Sea and I constantly see lights coming in and out of the Sea, it could not be satellites at all as so many specialists try to instil in the human mind.

I’m about to buy an infra red camera equipment to put here right in front of the sea to show what I’ve been seeing almost daily, I mean lights going in and out of the sea or traveling the sky at high speed.

TV channels are starting to be interested in the subject of the moment which are these mysterious lights, yesterday I was watching the live cam from Porto Alegre at dawn and in a short time pilots reported lights again to the control tower, we are talking about pilots with several years of flight, so it cannot be confused with reflections.

Pilots report SIGHTINGS to the tower in code called HOTEL, you can clearly hear the pilot mentioning sighted a HOTEL at so many degrees, now they are using code to no longer generate PANIC.

As a ufologist, I do believe that a portal was opened in the South and Southeast Region, where these objects easily enter our airspace.

As you can see in the image above, it would be like a Bermuda Triangle marking these regions. SOUTH ATLANTIC ANOMALY would be contributing to the OPENING of this Great portal?

“Space Bermuda Triangle”: Magnetic Anomaly About Brazil Intrigues Science

A phenomenon dubbed the “Bermuda Triangle of Space” intrigues researchers. Officially known as the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly (AMAS), it is a kind of lag in the Earth’s magnetic protection that occurs over the South and Southeast regions of Brazil. Satellites and spacecraft passing through this region can even suffer damage.
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Could it be that we are facing a GIGANTIC PORTAL that has opened over the South and Southeast region and are we witnessing the visit of our brothers from other Worlds?

11th Night of Sighting of Unusual Lights in the Sky South of Porto Alegre on 11/17/2022 and 11/18/2022 Sighting of lights
from 00:01 to 00:40 in the Video Below:

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