Navy ‘UFO patent’ documents speak of ‘space-time modification weapon’

The US Navy’s “UFO” patents look like they’re straight out of a science fiction book.

Patent applications for strange technology were filed by the US Navy. The Navy has filed patents for an “aerospace-submarine hybrid vehicle”, an “inertial mass reduction” engine, a small fusion reactor that can power an entire city, and “quantum reality manipulation”.

So-called “UFO patents” are not just idle speculation. To demonstrate the effectiveness of some new technologies, the US Navy funds their development as prototypes.

The inventor of the patents is Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais. Pais has held positions in several divisions of the Navy, including the Strategic Systems Program Division and the Naval Air Force Center Aircraft Division (NAVAIR/NAWCAD). He is in charge of creating the technology for Trident-class nuclear missiles that are launched from submarines.

All patents work in tandem with each other, but they all rely on something Pais has called the “Pais effect”.

According to Pais, the fusion reaction can be stopped using electromagnetic fields that are rotated accordingly. He claims to have created the plasma fusion reaction, which will transform the way we use energy. According to experts, a working fusion reactor will produce affordable and versatile energy.

Documentos de “patente UFO” da Marinha falam de “arma de modificação do espaço-tempo” 1
Reading these patents, one gets the impression that the UFO probably belongs to us, not the brothers in outer space.

The propulsion system and fusion unit will be used for a “hybrid aerospace submersible vehicle,” according to one of the Navy’s patents and patents.

The spacecraft could move at tremendous speeds over land, water and space, according to the patent. “High temperature superconductor”, “electromagnetic field generator” and “high frequency gravitational wave generator” are some of the other patents Pais created and filed with the Navy.

Do you remember the military capturing footage of UFOs performing aerial, space and underwater maneuvers? What a strange coincidence, huh?

The Navy also doubted it, as it all sounds like science fiction. Navy officers found Pais’ inventions absurd, and NAVAIR spent a lot of time internally reviewing their patents.

Through an FOI request, The War Zone obtained correspondence concerning a battle between the Navy and the Country over bureaucratic issues and discovered that the mad scientist had prevailed.

The patents claim that some of the technologies are “viable”. In other words, the Navy claims that some of Pais’ bizarre technologies work and have been shown to the Navy.

The physics behind Pais’ claims defy the common sense and poor understanding of a science reporter. However, a paper describing their densified fusion reactor was accepted by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ peer-reviewed journal Transactions on Plasma Science and published in the November 2019 issue — and whoever copied the text didn’t know that. But not our lawyers.

It should dispel (or at least mitigate) any misconceptions you (or anyone else) may have about the veracity (or possibility) of my advanced physics concepts, Pais wrote in a letter to The War Zone. “The fact that my work on the design of a compact fusion reactor was accepted for publication in a prestigious journal like the IEEE TPS should speak to its importance and credibility.

“Recognizing that the formation of the Pais effect (the initial idea of ​​physics) is the conclusion of my work, he commented. “This [electromagnetic] radiation of energy can interact locally with the vacuum energy state (VES), which is the underlying structure (base) from which everything else in our quantum world emerges, including spacetime. VES is the fifth state of matter (the fifth essence – quintessence). If you have followed my work closely, you will understand how engineering the Pais effect can result in the construction of a new macroscopic quantum reality.”

The Pentagon has a successful track record in creating cutting-edge technologies, despite the fact that Parents’ communications sound like the ravings of a mad scientist. Nuclear weapons have been science fiction for over a century. The internet itself, the TOR network and GPS were initially developed by the Pentagon.

Perhaps the Navy will soon transform the way we think about energy and transportation. Sure, it’s fascinating, but what discoveries have the researchers made behind the scenes?


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