Archaeology Discovery of Chilling ‘Nest’ of Ancient Humans in a Cave

A new discovery was made in a cave in France as what appears to be “nests” of deceased humans were discovered here. These humans are believed to date back to 30,000 years ago, as they are amongst some of the oldest remains of prehistoric-hunter-gatherers the world has ever come across.

Originally discovered 20 years ago or so, the Grotte de Cussac cave is oftentimes researched by the members of the Gravettian culture of the European Upper Paleolithic as it is believed to have been an ancient burial site of some sort.

Proof of this being an ancient burial site dates back to 33,000 years ago as experts believe that this was the place where ancient burial rituals were performed on the Paleolithic humans. What’s even more impressive is the cave art “Venus” figurines that showcases very descriptive female figures alongside the gruesome burial rituals of the past.

Inside this cave, the experts also came across the skeleton of a young adult male alongside the remains of two others. As they proceeded through the cave system though they also came across two adults and an adolescent that appeared to have been sorted inside of the walls there based on their lower and upper anatomy. The whole cave system so far has given the experts a lot of homework, to say the least, as more than 800 engravings were discovered inside so far. What really made the cave stand out for them though is the fact that the Grotte de Cussac is the first Gravettian cave system to be full of cave art.

Post-mortem manipulations of the human body are nothing new for them, but to this extent, it definitely brought up a lot of questions, to say the least.

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