“Nuclear Weapons Can Be Disabled by UFOs” and the Pentagon Knows It

It is possible that the Pentagon lied when it denied knowing that UFOs disable nuclear weapons.

For decades we have seen events and heard testimonies of UFOs flying over military bases where nuclear weapons are stored. Similarly they appear in nuclear power plants.

Some experts suggest that it is a “Warning Message” to humanity about the danger they represent. Despite the Pentagon’s denial.

UFOs and Nuclear Weapons

The fact that the Pentagon has decided to formalize the existence of UFOs by officially labeling them UAPs is an important step in their research. However, not all that glitters is gold and there is still a lot hidden behind the subject.

UFO researcher Lee Lewis has claimed that the Pentagon is lying when it talks about UFOs and their relationship to nuclear weapons. In fact he is convinced that the only reason the matter was made official is that Luis Elizondo posted the videos and they were forced to admit it.

It was actually Elizondo himself who originally claimed that there was some sort of intersection between UFO sightings and our nuclear technology. Be it propulsion, power generation or nuclear weapons

These same observations were also made in other countries. Having the exact same incidents is a global problem.

The United States has had several incidents in which UFOs have directly interfered by disabling nuclear weapons.

One of the best known cases is the UFO that stopped nuclear missiles at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana in 1967. Which demonstrates that they seem to know exactly what terrestrial nuclear weapons are.

Luis Elizondo

This can be dangerous on several levels. Firstly, the origin of these objects is still uncertain. If they come from a terrestrial power would it know exactly the nuclear weaponry of its adversary and deactivate it at will?

And if it’s extraterrestrial, it just means we’re at the mercy of this civilization. Even our most powerful weapons couldn’t do anything against it.

testimonials and declarations

UFOs are no longer a mere belief. The general public has taken the matter seriously and is now joined by the Navy, Pentagon, Department of Defense and other agencies that have accepted ufology as a serious matter.

Several officers and former officers of the US Armed Forces decided to speak out. This is the case of Robert Salas, a former Air Force officer.

Salas gave details of the decommissioning of Malmstrom’s 10 nuclear weapons. Speaking to The Sun, he said the missiles were literally shut down for 8 days. This is documented and supported by numerous witnesses.

Most of these witnesses are still alive, including Salas. Then they can testify.

“He would certainly testify at the inquest under oath, and provide documentation in the form of audio recordings, letters etc.

After these incidents they were ordered not to talk about it. Afterwards they never knew what happened, whether there was an investigation or not.

The cover-up of interactions between UFOs and our nuclear weapons has always existed. For some reason they don’t want us to know. What are they hiding?

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