Scientist, former worker of the US Armed Forces, talks about the Orion Cube

Former US Army Scientist Talks Orion Cube
For a long time we have wondered about the existence of aliens, and it seems that we will never have an answer. However, some interesting revelations about secret US government programs suggest that they actually know more than they are telling us. In fact, they have been withholding information from us.

Burisch’s amazing recruiting

The story of Dan Burish, an amazing microbiologist graduated with honors from the University of Las Vegas, Nevada, who was recruited by the United States government with the intention of working on a project called “Aquarium” in an underground place, has recently been known. which was known as “Siglo IV”, which was part of Area 51 itself. However, before this he began to receive tissues that he had to evaluate.

As he immerses himself in the project, he realizes that the “secret” United States government is in possession of alien spacecraft. It is important to note that what we know as aliens were not actually the beings that lived on these planets, as they were known as aliens. Aliens were human beings who traveled through time to solve problems.

amazing information

There he meets the Rosewell spacecraft and Bob Lassar, a former NASA worker who tweeted about Area 51 in the 1980s. The truth is that these creatures are denoted by the letter P and then by the number of years they have been. they took us. For example, Rosewell is P24, which means that the present time is 24,000 years in the future. There are others, JROD P45, JROD P52 and P42.

It is important to note that those known as JROD are afflicted with a rare disease and are struggling to find a viable cure. For years, he had been in a situation with one of the women he kept drawing blood from.

He became very close to her, at one point she pounced on him and telepathically gave him information about a future nuclear apocalypse that would wipe out most of humanity.

An experience out of this world

In this catastrophe, many creatures were hidden underground for many years, and later they were able to travel through time and space, like the famous Roswell. In fact, it has been confirmed that the Roswell spacecraft was actually a time machine.

These organisms subsequently advanced and colonized other planets, such as Mars, and became known as Orion. These are the so-called P52. The P45s, on the other hand, are responsible for many kidnappings and are completely devoid of empathy. At one point, Eisenhower had to meet with them to prevent a future nuclear catastrophe.

It’s a deal, they’ll do the kidnapping, but the humans won’t be harmed, and they won’t remember anything that happened afterward. Amazingly, the creature from Orion gave Eisenhower a cube to predict the future.

On the other hand, Burisch had the opportunity to work with the “Majestic 12”. He claimed that they had devices called “StarGates 12”, which, although they had been designed on Earth, had extraterrestrial technology and were used to communicate with beings from other planets. In fact, you could enter a wormhole to access other universes. Are these statements true? Did all this really happen?


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