Is the moon not ours? “UFOs and Structures” Captured by NASA

Experts were shocked when NASA removed several photographs of the Moon from its official website and replaced them with significantly lower resolution ones. One of the deleted images depicts an alleged alien base.

A Lua não é nossa? Objetos voadores e estruturas desconhecidas capturados pela NASA

On the website there were some pictures taken by certain NASA astronauts who were dispatched to the Moon. You can observe flying objects passing by on them.

Anomalous objects on the Moon?
After careful examination, the photos were immediately deemed to be completely real, according to Dr. Franklin Cockroach. The images of existence were later challenged by the space agency.

The objects visible in the photographs, according to NASA, were actually ordinary pieces of junk drifting in space. Unsurprisingly, experts immediately dismissed this claim.

Images of mysterious flying objects resembling spacecraft or unidentified structures and facilities on the Moon have also been taken in other cases. However, NASA will continue to deny that they are rocks or ice particles.

There is a specific incident involving an astronaut from the STS-75 mission. He saw hundreds of UFOs flying around the Moon with his colleagues. The space agency labeled the footage “secret” and marked it as “unknown”, despite the astronaut capturing everything.

We are dealing with stronger powers than we expected, Wernher von Braun, who founded the American Apollo program, has said on several occasions.

Aliens roam the satellite

A Lua não é nossa? Objetos voadores e estruturas desconhecidas capturados pela NASA

In a seminar, Edgar Mitchell, a former NASA astronaut who participated in the Apollo 14 mission in 1971, claimed the existence of extraterrestrial life. He also told the Daily Telegraph that the US government is hiding unidentifiable ships.

A NASA representative quickly refuted these claims, clarifying in a CNN interview that they do “no tracking” of UFOs.

However, the Lunarou LRO Reconnaissance Orbiter, an American spacecraft designed to explore the moon, photographed an oddly shaped item on the surface of the planet’s natural satellite.

The object depicted in the photographs has a unique shape that has generated much debate. Although it’s unclear exactly what it is or where it came from.

It’s strange that NASA doesn’t track UFOs, but every time they explore the Moon, they find some strange object on the surface or flying over it.

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