NASA receives a strange distress message from Andromeda

The day NASA received an alleged SOS signal from Andromeda.
NASA, one of the world\’s leading space agencies, recently successfully deciphered a signal from space. It is speculated that the signal may come from an asteroid located outside our galaxy. According to the news, this mysterious planet seems to be in danger.

the mysterious sign

Although it wasn\’t until recently that scientists deciphered the message, the signal is actually nothing new, having been received in January 1998. But since it\’s a signal from space, we\’re not used to that, so everyone dedicated this time to decipher the message.

According to this line of thought, it was not until 2011 that scientists found the key to decrypt this message, which they called “Crazy Help”. What they found in the mail was somewhat shocking.

A c̳i̳v̳i̳l̳i̳z̳a̳t̳i̳o̳n̳ about to disappear

According to Dr. Viktor Kulikov, leader of the research team that deciphered the signal, it came from our neighboring Andromeda galaxy and appears to have been sent by beings from a c̳i̳v̳i̳l̳i̳z̳a̳t̳i̳o̳n̳ no more advanced than ours.

The scientist believes that the fact that we can receive and decode signals correctly is an indisputable indicator that the technology of that c̳i̳v̳i̳l̳i̳z̳a̳t̳i̳o̳n̳ is not much more advanced than ours.

A warning to humans?

Likewise, Kulikow commented: “Although we still have years of research to do, I can say with certainty that the demise of their c̳i̳v̳i̳l̳i̳z̳a̳t̳i̳o̳n̳ was not the result of a cosmic catastrophe. It was the result of a c̳i̳v̳i̳l̳i̳z̳a̳t̳i̳o̳n̳ that gave up on itself and was probably destroyed.” for nuclear weapons.”

Finally, if this discovery is true, it could be the definitive proof that there is life beyond our galaxy, that we are not alone and perhaps with the advancement of technology, we can communicate better with other space neighbors.

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