Gigantic UFO Appears in Sky Over Orlando After ‘Loud Boom’ Echoed Over Florida!

A huge UFO appeared in the sky over Orlando, Florida recently, but everyone went about their business as if nothing was happening.

“There is a UFO here in the middle of the goddamn sky. Everyone is walking around like they don’t see this shit.

“So apparently yesterday in Orlando, or central Florida you could hear a big bang from like 5am all the way from Jacksonville to Orlando.

“That’s what they say. Came from Jacksonville to Orlando yesterday. There was a big bang at 5 am and they say it was some kind of spacecraft that spent about 908 days in orbit that secretly landed at Kennedy Space Center, but nobody knows why this craft spent 908 days in orbit of the earth.

Okay, she got the stories mixed up. The US military recently placed a secret spacecraft in Earth orbit for a record 908 days that returned to Kennedy on November 12th. What he was doing up there is an entirely different mystery, but it’s unrelated to this. But that doesn’t take anything away from what she recorded in Orlando.

Back to her story.

A few weeks ago I heard in my complex there was a loud noise, a bang. It looked like a, it looked like a big ole… it looked like a spaceship was taking off from the roof of the building. Like it was too loud. It was very high, but there was nothing in the sky. The whole neighborhood came out and they were looking up and there was nothing…”

Recent UFO footage captured over Orlando has left many onlookers stunned.

“You have to understand inwardly that everyone doesn’t see the same thing that you see, because they are not vibrating high, they vibrate at a low frequency so that’s why they can’t see,” commented one onlooker.

It has been theorized that the same thing happens to people who see Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.

The TikTok account that shared the video, @master.xebula, wrote: “Actual image captured on Instagram live from a craft in Orlando, FL!!!! They are here and they no longer care about slowly but surely revealing themselves to the public.”

He is certainly not wrong there.

Take a look at some of his UFO videos below…

(Warning: inappropriate language)

Below is Chivonne’s full 20-minute video of her Orlando UFO encounter…

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