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Jupiter’s Moon IO Begins Sending Messages to NASA’s Juno Probe

Io is the name given to one of the 66 moons of the planet Jupiter. It is among the four largest (in fact it is the third largest, behind only Ganymede and Callisto), with a diameter of 3643 km, which is even slightly larger than the Earth’s Moon.

Jupiter is almost 600 million miles away from Earth! However, one of its moons is keeping scientists sleepless here on Earth! This moon has been sending strange and mysterious messages to NASA’s Juno spacecraft!

Are aliens trying to communicate with us? What is the message saying?

Jupiter as a planet stands out for many reasons in the solar system. For example the planet is the biggest. so big that it has twice the mass of all the other planets put together! With a radius of 43,440.7 miles or 69,911 kilometers, Jupiter is 11 times the size of Earth!

In this video we investigate NASA’s recent announcement that one of Jupiter’s moons has started sending messages to the Juno spacecraft and other deep space mysteries!

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