They claim to have found an alien city on Saturn’s Moon

An image taken from Saturn’s satellite could reveal that not only is there life, but it is intelligent.
An alien city on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, is evident in images obtained by radar from ESA or the European Space Agency, according to a statement obtained by ufology researcher Scott C. Waring.

Waring comments on his website that he is looking at images of the planet, particularly its celestial body Titan, using the Cassini orbiter, which visualizes lakes and oceans below the surface. In the lower right, he imagines that it is a circular tubular. structure estimated to be about 25 miles wide, creating a highly recommended space to host extraterrestrial life.

Can it really be an alien city?

As Waring claims, the shape of the structure is something we don’t normally find in nature, let alone that length, and he also believes it could be an alien craft of some kind working below the surface of the water. Or just resting to continue his journey, the expert said he could tell the front and rear of the vehicle due to the size and shape of the object.

Can this celestial body support the existence of life on its surface?

According to data collected by several missions sent to Titan over the last 20 years, its chemical composition and the possible presence of polyimine may give rise to the presence of life enduring the cold temperatures, for which they ensure that in the beginnings of planet Earth, it had the presence of cyanide and polyimine in its atmosphere.

According to computer simulations carried out by a vast team of researchers and experts, the data obtained from these missions can help us understand that what was found in Titan’s atmosphere corresponds to a prebiotic chemistry, that is, it has the series of necessary requirements for the shelter of life as we know it.

In the same way, there is a possibility that beneath the icy surface of Titan, the presence of water is found, storing in its interior a massive subterranean ocean, in the same way, if the suspicions about the potential offered by polyimine are correct, it could trigger the way to find the optimal conditions to harbor life on Titan.

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